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How High Can Ballet Boots Go In High Heels Fashion

Ballet boots are the ultimate in high heels fashion and clothing. Forcing the wearer to stand on the tips of the toes almost in the En pointe ballet position but with the aid of the 7″ or longer high heels. When standing upright in ballet warm up boots the foot is positioned almost vertically putting most of the body’s weight onto the toes. This will require the wearer to have strong supple legs to avoid injury.

Available in a variety of styles, commonly ankle-high, knee-high or thigh-high. The heel height is normally at least 7″ and this will increase depending the foot size of the shoe. The heel needs to be long enough to enable the foot to be fully extended in the boot to acquire the desired En pointe deportment.

Thigh High Heels

Normally laced to the front with strong leather or cord laces so they can be pulled as tight a possible. The thigh high heels and sometimes also the knee high boots may come with zip fastenings to aid in removal. The materials used to make these footwear are most commonly latex or leather.

Ballet boots are not generally designed to be worn for long periods of time and are not normally found in high street shoe shops. Besides the understandable discomfort and even pain beginners will experience, it can be very difficult if not near impossible to stand never mind walk in them.

When buying a pair of such footwear it is better to pick out a pair that are particularly rigid. This will make it almost impossible to move the foot out of the desired En pointe position which will help you develop your modus operandi far more quickly.


Pleaser Women's Ballet-2020 Knee-High Boot

Pleaser Women’s Ballet-2020 Knee-High Boot

Pleaser ballet boots and shoes are incredibly sexy, having loads of charm and allure. Manufactured by Pleaser USA, Inc, a global leading company renowned for providing radical sexy and alternative footwear. The quality of Pleaser USA products is second to none. Offering six distinct footwear brands: Pleaser, Bordello, Lucious, Demonia, Devious and Funtasma. Covering a enormous selection of shoes which are fantastic for alternative lifestyles such like gothic, fetish , glam and punk as well as elegant or extreme evening wear.


Spice up your life with a pair of Devious ballet boots. Extreme heels designed for people that enjoy the alternative lifestyle.

The Devious Ballet 2020 Women’s Boots play around with the heels and the toes of the boots. For some reasons they seem to be a lot better than ever before which is quite comforting to put on your feet.

Devious 2020 ballet boots

It has been pointed out to me that because I am only a very light person and I have very small feet, this could be part of the reason why my shoes stay together where the other people don’t.

That’s something that worth investigating because there is not a good thing to advice people to buy shoes from Devious as to whether or not the shoes are going to be stable underneath the body. It also depends on how much stability you thought you know within your ankles and stuff like that.

Because once you put them on, you wouldn’t wish to get any damage to the shoes and yourself, so that’s something else to pay attention to.

Question that I get asked a lot is which warm up boots are the best for training. Well, I actually like an ankle boot simply because they are a lot easier to get into and out of your feet.

I do realize that people get cramps and stuck when they first wearing the ballet heels. So to get the shoe off your feet properly without having any pain could be very important and you will need to practice on wearing these Devious boots several times to get a properly way to put them on and take them off.

Whether to choose leather or a vinyl boot is actually depends on how long you want to keep your boots for.

It can be a little cramp with the heel and toe area of these footwear but they definitely are nice boots and able to push a little bit forward towards the tone. They are not as bad as they used to be. They are actually working on the flexibility of your ankle and the boots will nonetheless force you to walk straight with certain flexibility.

Ballet Boots In Music Videos

It appears that the divas of the pop world have taken to making the odd appearance wearing ballet boots whilst performing music videos. Thankfully as the celebrities embrace these fantastic heels the demand for ballet boots continues to grow.

Christina Aquilera

Christina Aquilera can be seen wearing ballet heels in her Hurt video whilst performing in the circus top tent and been lowered onto the back of a waiting elephant.


Beyonce went one better than Christina and can be seen wearing a catsuit and ballet heels in the Green Light video. To top it off she is joined by five back-up dancers who can also be seen balancing in ballet heel boots.

Beyonce Wear Ballet Boots In The Video – Green Light

Meg White

Meg White can be seen wearing ballet boots in the White Stipes video Blue Orchid. Not only can Meg be seen wobbling around in her wonderful white ballet heels but she also attempts to walk down a set of stairs. This is not an easy undertaking in normal high heels never mind in ballet heels.


Some website have said that Pink wears ballet heels in her video U & Ur Hand. We have watched it many times and although she does wear some very nice high heels we didn’t notice any of it.


Again we have seen it reported that Rihanna wear ballet boots in Umbrella the official music video. She can be seen wearing ballet shoes and does stand En pointe in them but I am afraid to say that she does not wear the right footwear.

Rihanna ballet boot

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