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Bearpaw Women’s M405 10″ Boot

A recent addition to the site covered a bestselling mid calf boot offered over at Amazon.com and it happened to be a particular boot offered by Bearpaw, similar to the M405 10 inch boot. It was the first time a Bearpaw boot was covered here but it certainly won’t be the last. Bearpaw offers a wide selection of boots (a lot of them being mid calf boots), great prices, quality, and yet another alternative to the popular UGG boots. As you can see, the Bearpaw Women’s M405 10 inch boot offers a similar style to the UGG boots. That’s not to say that this Bearpaw boot can’t hold it’s own…

Bearpaw women m405 10" boot

Bearpaw women m405 10″ boot

Let’s Take An Inside Look

You’ve most likely have already noticed the picture of the this particular boot to the right. And if you haven’t before then you have now. As you can see, this particular pair of mid calf boots offers a style similar to that of the UGG boots. It’s certainly not exactly the same, and it’s got its own unique style, it’s safe to say that this pair of Bearpaws is somewhat of a derivative (many of Bearpaw’s mid calf boots offer this kind of look).

Here’s what a more official description of this product looks like (as provided by Amazon.com):

This medium-height women’s boot by Bearpaw offers a style that’s well paired with denim, a casual skirt, or country dress, with a ruggedly comfortable design ideal for kicking around town. The upper is made of soft suede for a natural look, and the boot’s luxuriously cozy lining provides increased cushioning and all-over comfort. The deep-treaded rubber sole offers improved grip and durability.

I’ll admit, a pretty enticing description. But then again, a product description done right can make just about any product look appealing. Don’t worry though, this particular pair of boots offers plenty more substance than a mere enticing product description. Deciding on whether or not to purchase a pair of boots (mid calf or otherwise) ultimately comes down to whether or not it’ll work for you. And a great way to gauge something like this is to read a review of the particular boot. I don’t know about you, but it’s a lot easier to determine whether or not to buy a pair of boots when you have not just one review to go by, but a TON of different reviews from all sorts of customers…

A Review Of The Bearpaw Women’s M405 10 inch Boot – Actually, It’s More Like A LOT Of Reviews

If I’m deciding on whether or not I want to go ahead and buy something (it might be clothes or a new TV or a new microwave…or anything!) I like to get a good idea of what other people’s experiences are like with the particular product. Was there a general issue people had with that pair of boots? Does this thing actually work? This kind of thing applies very much to the pair of boots covered on this page.

The good news about the Bearpaw Women’s M405 10 inch boot is that just about everyone seems to love them. Ok, well not everyone loves them. But, out of 133 unique customer reviews this pair of mid calf boots has a 4.5 out of 5 star rating (at the time of this article was published…there could be plenty more reviews by the time you read this!). Pretty impressive!

After a quick look over some of the customer reviews, it’s apparent that women who have purchased this boot essentially love this boot! The general consensus seems to be that these are a quality pair of mid calf boots, a great alternative to the UGGs, offered at a great price, and very comfortable. Basically, most women have gotten what they’ve been looking for. Here are just a few reviews from real customers for the Bearpaw M405 10 inch boot:

I bought these boots after a friend of mine recommended them versus paying the high price of Uggs. I LOVE THEM. They are as the same if not better than Uggs. They are warm, soft and just snuggle your feet. YES, by a size smaller than you wear because they do stretch. But, Uggs do the same thing so there is no difference in that either. I have had Uggs and for the prices they are charging now its crazy. Why pay that when you can get a quality, warm and great boot for a quarter of the price. If you have not tired them you really should. I live in Chicago and let me tell you I know boots!!!


I bought these boots to wear around the house because I keep the thermostat low in the winter and I balked at the cost of Uggs. I am very happy with these boots. They are perfect as cozy slippers and for running the occasional errand. They look pretty good, but there are a few places where I would have liked the stitching/construction to be slightly better, at least visually speaking. In terms of structure, they seem to be well-made and sturdy. I ordered a size larger than I normally wear based on the comments of other reviewers. They fit well and are breaking in nicely. They are surprisingly supportive for this type of shoe, which is saying a lot because I have very high arches. I would definitely recommend these.


The Bearpaw are just as good as having a pair of uggs they are made of the same material and keep your feet just as warm u have to order the size the same way that you order for a pair of uggs on size down I own both uggs and bearpaws so I can compare I love both but love the savings on bearpaw for the same quality of uggs. Highly recommend a pair.

There you have it, real talk from real customers. Interested in reading more unique customer reviews? Click here to visit the official Amazon.com page for the Bearpaw Women’s M405 10 inch boot…

Buy Your Own Pair Of Bearpaws

There’s no doubt that the Bearpaw Women’s M405 10 inch boot has been well received by customers. There are plenty of customer reviews available and the majority rate this pair of mid calf boots highly.