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Best GBX Boots for Men

Are you a man that is always on the go? If you have ambition and a wild streak in your life, GBX boots are the boots for you. These shoes are made for men who live on the edge of life with a bit of a reckless side to them. GBX boots are made for men who make things, break things, and do their own thing with no exception. These boots are for the men who think waiting in line is a waste when you can hop the railing, men who treat Monday like Friday and who never sit back and watch life get away from them. For these men, it isn’t enough to just get there, it’s about in what way you show up. Are you one of these men?

[table caption=”Different Types of GBX Boots” width=”700″ colwidth=”20|100|50″ colalign=”left|left|center|center|center”]
No,Model Name[attr style=”width:400px”],Color,Release Date[attr style=”width:150px”],Where to Buy[attr style=”width:150px”]
1,Fane 6 Eye Cap Toe Boot,Brown,09/29/2015,Amazon
2,6 Ring Lug Sole Boot,Black,05/02/2015,Amazon
3,13224 Deed Boot,Black,10/04/2015,Amazon
4,Devoe Combat Boot,Brown,01/17/2015,Amazon
5,Barraco Harness Boot,Black,08/19/2015,Amazon
6,Trammel Angle Lace Up Leather Boot,Black,01/17/2015,Amazon
7,Dern Veno Motorcycle Boot,Burgundy,07/14/2015,Amazon
8,Bodi Tan Lace Up Ankle Leather Boot,Brown,11/26/2015,Amazon
9,Brisk Leather Boot,Black,09/09/2015,Amazon
10,Brick Leather Boot,Black,09/03/2015,Amazon
11,Varet 13490 Boot,Dark Putty,09/30/2015,Amazon
12,Draft Leather Boot,Tan,01/17/2015,Amazon
13,Gatto Leather Boot,Black,09/11/2015,Amazon
14,Brutal Leather Boot,Black,09/11/2015,Amazon
15,Brisco Chukka Boot,Rust,08/26/2015,Amazon
16,Draco Leather Boot,Brown,06/03/2015,Amazon
17,Bowery Leather Boot,Dark Brown,08/25/2015,Amazon
18,Offside Leather Lace Up Sneakers Shoes,Black,03/16/2015,Amazon
19,Optik Fashion Sneakers,Black,03/16/2015,Amazon
These boots aren’t super heavy so they won’t keep you from doing what they love. They have a light but durable sole, so they are great for wear all day and remaining comfortable. Once you break these bad boys in, no one will be able to stop you. The color of your boots will match the picture you first saw online, so you don’t have to worry about getting something other than what you ordered. If you order a pair of GBX boots with a zipper, you’ll get the convenience of taking them on and off with ease and having the boots fit the same every single time you put them on. They hold up well and can keep up with your rough and tumble lifestyle.

1. GBX Men’s Fane 6 Eye Cap Toe Boot “Brown”

Release date: 09/29/2015
Price: $44.99 – $100

These boots will add gorgeousness to your daily fashion. Sharp and smart, this high ankle item is made out of leather and looks rough and rugged in a cowboy super stylish way. These are tough boots with a highly modern feel. They will be a stunning addition to your office attire, great also for motorcycles.

GBX Men's Fane 6 Eye Cap Toe Boot

2. GBX Men’s 6 Ring Lug Sole Boot “Black”

Release date: 05/02/2015
Price: $69.85 – $115

Whether working, hiking, or just out with friends, these GBX Men’s 6 Ring Lug Sole Boots are for you. With its dynamic lug sole, you have stability and traction. The leather uppers, with 6 metal ring eyelets, set you apart with your trend setting and casual footwear. This quality made GBX men’s boot, with its padded collar, gives you stylish all-day comfort as well as firm support. Looks great with jeans or khakis, for whatever you have planned.

Get ready for some serious style and sturdy comfort. Treat your feet right with the GBX Men’s 6 Ring Lug Sole Boots!GBX Men's 6 Ring Lug Sole Boot

3. GBX Men’s 13224 Deed Boot “Black”

Release date: 10/04/2015
Price: $74.99 – $100

Get the motor-ignited experience at a fair price. Leather-made, sturdy upper. The topline consists of elasticized collar to accommodate convenient non-zipped fit. Elegant dip holds the shoe nice and firm on the foot, while the rubber sole is durable yet flexible.

  • 100% Leather
  • Rubber sole

GBX Men’s 13224 Deed Boot

4. GBX Men’s Devoe Combat Boot “Brown”

Release date: 01/17/2015
Price: $89 – $120

If you are looking for a rugged, yet stylish pair of boots, then these GBX Men’s Devoe Combat Boots are for you! They are great for kicking around in , as well as for those more dressy events. People will notice you wearing these extremely well-crafted, lightweight and very comfortable fitting boots.GBX Men's Devoe Combat Boot

5. GBX Men’s Barraco Harness Boot “Black”

Release date: 08/19/2015
Price: $59.99 – $100

This Barraco Harness Boot is suitable for any occasion. Made from pure leather and with a sturdy lug sole, this is the ultimate bikers’ footwear. Look great, feel awesome. Metallic detailing on the side. GBX boot is the top edge street style, inspired by confident attitude and leading you on the path of self-assurance.

  • Leather made
  • Rubber sturdy yet flexible sole
  • Outside pull tab
  • Inside zip

GBX Men's Barraco Harness Boot

6. GBX Men’s Trammel Angle Lace Up Leather Boot “Black”

Release date: 01/17/2015
Price: $39.99 – $104

Another signature product from GBX to make you walk tall is here for you. With the leather upper and unique craftsmanship, these would adorn your feet while others admire you top to bottom. Originated in Mexico, this 5-pound Marvel is just waiting for you to pick up. These boots come in the right size and comfortable fit make you feel light and confident. The proper and judicial choice both for casual as well as party functions, you can be prepared for some exciting encounters on the way. Yes excitement all the way up on your journey

7. GBX Men’s Burgundy Dern Veno Motorcycle Boot

Release date: 07/14/2015
Price: $53.99 – $109

The GBX Men’s Dern Veno Motorcycle Boot comes in Burgundy colours in the price range of $55 to 110. This snug fit fashionable footwear spells class on every step of yours. Made out of imported leather this super design shoes sports a flexible rubber sole. With the shaft measuring 6 inches from the arch, the comfort is assured. The soul of this rugged shoe is the inner cushioned and soft inner sole. The trendy zips offer on and of the boots with ease. The weight is just 3 pounds, and this feature will make you moves lighter. This boot is available in different sizes.
GBX Men's-Burgundy-Dern-Veno-Motorcycle-Boot

8. GBX Men’s Brown Bodi Tan Lace Up Ankle Leather Boot

Release date: 11/26/2015
Price: $94.99 – $100

There is no dearth of ideas at GBX shoes. The GBX brown Bodi men’s lace-up boot is a classical example of innovation. The toes are round resembling medieval style. The upper leather with classic design is inviting. You can opt for side zip. The eight lace up front and collar padding makes this boot a cut above the rest. Well crafted interiors and cushioned sole gives the ultimate wearer comfort. The rubber lug outsole provides a catwalk with a run of its life. The moccasin design and Lace –up closure provides a comfortable fit. The contrast stitching pattern is something unique.

9. GBX Men’s Black Brisk Leather Boot

Release date: 09/09/2015
Price: $68.99 – $100

An outstanding design in men’s boot is presented by GBX in their brisk model. With intricate stitching pattern and handmade craftsmanship, GBX Brisk model is bound to carry you through. The leather upper comes a variety of colours. The closure is with rugged side zips. There is a particular heel pull tab for on and off with ease. The tongue and collar are padded giving a cushioned effect. The fabric inner lining will let the feet snugly protected. Additional features are the round cap toe, cushioned footbed and rubber sole. The completely Imported GBX men’s Brisk boot can be with lace up option as well.

GBX Men's Brisk Boot

10. GBX Men’s Black Brick Leather Boot

Release date: 09/03/2015
Price: $49.99 – $70

Another first from the GBX is the Men’s brick boot series. Extemporary designs in the leather upper with a casual lace up boot style. The round toe of the Brisk model spells class Lace up front with metallic hooks and eyelets adds to the beauty. Zip fastening is provided for wearing in and out with ease. The leather lining, cushioned insole and Rubber outsole gives extra comfort. The 1 and 1/4 inch heel is the right one for aspiring personalities like you. Imported from Bangladesh, the Brick Boots weighs just 4 pounds. Bricks boots come in many colours and sizes to suit every fashion conscious man.
GBX Men’s Brick Boot

11. GBX Men’s Dark Putty Varet 13490 Boot

Release date: 09/30/2015
Price: $65 – $90

The Varet is what a boot is supposed to be- rugged, reliable and manly. These shoes are Adorned with vegan material on top; Varet 13490 boot provide extraordinary comfort. Strangely this is light weighing just 2 pounds. You can walk with your chin up when your foot is pampered with a Varet. Varet sports vegan material as the top. At utmost comfort and style are at the affordable price. Once in a blue moon, you will experience such a luxury in a boot. Meant for all practical thinkers who want to tread with confidence and face the challenges at all times.
GBX Men's Dark Putty Varet 13490 Boot

12. GBX Men’s Tan Draft Leather Boot

Release date: 01/17/2015
Price: $30 – $120

Imported from Mexico, the GBX Men’s Tan draft Leather Boot is what a boot is supposed to be – stylish, trendy, comfortable and cosy. The leather upper spells style. These boots are weighing just 3 pounds only. The adventurous you are back in action with this contemporary boot design. And the draught boot is more than usual with a mystique air around it. The comfort the GBX Men’s Draft boot give surpasses the competitors widely. The snug fitment, comfort and luxury will be reflected in every step you take the day in and day out. You will be happy to own one pair of the draft.

GBX Men's Tan Draft Leather Boot

13. GBX Men’s Black Gatto Leather Boot

Release date: 09/11/2015
Price: $17 – $60

The lightest in the latest models of GBX is the Men’s Gatto Leather boot. This boot weighs just 1.5 pounds will give you a feel of flying. The boot with leather upper is crafted beautifully. GBX Gatto boots bring out the mischief in you. The comfort these shoes offer is far superior to most of the contemporary shoes available in the market. The craftsmanship is superb. And the material of construction long lasting. No doubt more and more connoisseurs like you opt for the Gatto boots. Now, you can get set, start up and go to conquer the world in Gatto boots.

gbx men's black gatto leather boot

14. GBX Men’s Black Brutal Leather Boot

Release date: 09/11/2015
Price: $30 – $110

The GBX Men’s Brutal boot with leather upper is an excellent item to own. At a reduced price of around $100, it is definitely a bargain. The beauty of this shoes in enhanced with the sparkling buckle. The cushioned insole will give you fatigue free long journeys. The style is contemporary, and the look is exotic. You will be happy to have settled for this beauty. You will be noticed every time you are in this uniquely crafted and buckled masterpiece. There will be no dearth of fun and frolic for you for the days to come. And you will recommend this product as well.

GBX Men's Black Brutal Leather Boot

15. GBX Men’s Rust Brisco Chukka Boot

Release date: 08/26/2015
Price: $60 – $80

The onlookers would be wondering to which category to put them – in casual or formal. The GBX Men’s Rust Brisco Chukka Boot is sleek with intricate stitching pattern. The lace up closure is ideal for your day to day activities without any hindrance. The forefoot is conspicuously raised to give an edge over others. With Brisco boots, you will overcome all surfaces and all situations with flying colours. These shoes exuberate nothing but confidence. The thrill is yours to be picked up through GBX Men’s Brisco Chukka Boot. The world is waiting to see you in the beautiful Chukka boots

GBX Men's Rush Brisco Chukka Boot

16. GBX Men’s Brown Draco Leather Boot

Release date: 06/03/2015
Price: $50 – $110

The GBX Men’s Draco Boot, Brown is the new avatar in comfort and luxury mingled for the deserving men. The $65 to 104 range of boots is worth every penny. These brown coloured luxury boots are imported. The material of the boot is leather and sole is the synthetic rubber. The shaft of the boots is 5.25 inch from the arch thus giving superior comfort. The Draco boots come in light brown and whisky colour as well. You on the shoes will be readily identified, and you are bound to win more and more hearts in the process. You can expect excitement at every step.

GBX Men's Draco Boot Brown

17. GBX Men’s Dark Brown Bowery Boot

Release date: 08/25/2015
Price: $60 – $80

Owning the dark brown coloured shoes will be a lifetime achievement. These imported suede leather boots are meticulously crafted for you in mind. Double laced close up design gives a contemporary look. The heel tab will leave a mark wherever you go. The shaft measures 5.5 inches from the arch giving the wearer comfort and fit. The 5-pound marvel can be yours at a reasonable price. Imported from China these boots spells with superior craftsmanship. Wherever you are, in or out, you in your favourite Bowery boots will be the attraction. The soles are man made synthetic material

GBX Mens Dark Brown Bowery Boot

18. GBX Offside Mens Black Leather Lace Up Sneakers Shoes

Release date: 03/16/2015
Price: $60 – $80

The GBX Offside Mens Black Leather Lace Up Sneakers Shoes are the talk of the town. They are priced at $ 34 to 95; these shoes are a good buy. The Burgundy coloured leather shoes is the right attire to go with the formal dress. The flexible rubber sole and provides ultimate comfort. Getting in or out of this superior designed shoes is easy. The weight of these shoes is just 3 pounds. These lightweight shoes are imported with assured quality. The texture is so attractive making heads turn. Designed for comfort and style these sneakers shoes are highly sought after

GBX Offside Mens Black Leather Lace Up Sneakers Shoes

19. GBX Men’s Black Optik Fashion Sneakers

Release date: 03/16/2015
Price: $30 – $60

Men’s Optik Fashion Sneakers with the price range of $ 34 to 52 is of rugged construction. This leather shoes with rubber soles are available in black. The floated leather product will be attractive. The reinforced bubble bottom all through its length gives comfort as well as durability. The outsole is multi-tread texture. Just weighing 4 pounds, these boots are competitively lighter giving you a floating sensation. This head turner is designed just for you by master craftsmen for the rugged steps you are inclined to take. And this matches with your adventurous and demanding nature- for a long time to come.

GBX Men's Black Optik Fashion Sneakers

The Great look of GBX Boots

These boots are recommended for any men searching for a great pair of boots for everyday wear that both look great and can withstand your manliness. Thus, these boots will look great with a pair of washed out jeans for a cute but comfortable look or can even be dressed up with pairing these boots with a pair of khakis for a cool but classic look. Mix and match to create an independent style that is completely your own look. Your boots should be able to remain just as cool as you are despite the things you might put them through. Order your pair of GBX boots today and see what all of the fuss is about. After all, who wants to have to continuously shop for a ton of different shoes when you can have a great pair that goes with everything?