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Beware of the Cheapest Wrestling Boots

When our entertaining grapplers first go shopping for their sporting goods, wrestling supplies are best found at specialist stores, or at least those stores which have a section dedicated to wrestling gear and especially kids wrestling boots.

Wrestling Boots

Wrestling Boots

Wrestling footwear in particular, should not be skimped on . Like most sports, if you want the best protection, and this should be a top priority, then avoid buying cheap products. If you’re on a budget, or just a bit frugal with spending, then always shop for discount wrestling boots, over cheap wrestling footwear. Cheap is cheap because it’s made cheaply, whereas discount can mean quality products at reduced prices. Keep reading this article and you will understand the importance on quality wrestling gear.

Shopping for Wrestling Supplies – Seconds Out, Round 1

Assuming you are keen to see round 2, then you’d better read on. Any new wrestling wannabe stepping into that ring surrounded by cheap sporting goods, wrestling footwear which is substandard, tacky wrestling headgear, mats pads and all the rest of it, then you’ll be lucky to see it to the end of the first bout! One of the biggest cause of accidents and injuries among newbies is wrong fitting or substandard wrestling footwear. Don’t go rushing out to buy cheap or discount wrestling boots just because the price it right, because if they don’t offer the best fit or support for you, then that cost is most definitely wrong despite the price tag!

Shopping for discount wrestling boots is no different that shopping for any type of footwear in that finding the correct size is the number 1 factor. The correct fit is important with any type of footwear but with wrestling footwear it’s crucial that you have the proper size and support in the ring. It’s important to note that a typical pair of wrestling boots will usually run at about one half to one full size bigger than your everyday shoes, but that said, new wresting shoes will stretch somewhat with use. It’s always fun shopping for sporting goods. Wrestling supplies are available everywhere, but if you’re new to the sport then heed the advice of those in the know before you purchases anything.

Wrestling Shoe Brands. How do you choose the right ones?

A very common mistake newbie wrestlers make is to buy into the hype about their wrestling footwear specifically and wrestling supplies generally. It’s a bit like picking up a pair of advertised ‘running shoes’ only to find out that they’re useless on the track. So the point is that although you might spot some hip looking discount wrestling boots, they could well be a false economy if they’re inadequate for ‘real’ wrestling practice and competition. When it comes to sportswear, brand is generally the best rule to follow, but always listen to your coach or trainer too, who will surely be able to advise on the right kind of kit for you specifically. Although Adidas, Asics, Adistar, Cael, and Nike are known by most, it doesn’t mean that they’re could be other brands which best at the time for you and your sporting program.

It’s not always such a good idea to stick with the high street brand names. You will find that specific sports have their own reputable brands that are not always known about or available in regular sports stores. It’s much better to find an outlet that specifies in wrestling supplies than a general sports outlet that stock a bit of everything. There may be plenty of discount wrestling boots in the high street, but when it comes to wrestling supplies, footwear in particular, make sure you know what you need specifically before parting with your cash.

pro wrestling boots

pro wrestling boots

Although wrestling is not such a bony grapple as say Thai Kick Boxing, it is still a bony sport nonetheless. With so much activity going on in the ring, any armature trying to compete wearing cheap wrestling boots is just asking for trouble. Adequate footwear cannot be emphasised enough which is why you will keep hearing about it in this piece. It’s far better to shop for quality second hand or discount wrestling boots, than to buy cheap because they saved you money, or they looked the biz. Remember, adequate usually equates to materials, fitting, and support. If in doubt, don’t shop alone for your wrestling supplies until you know what you’re doing.

It’s easy to get excited and impatient when staring a new hobby, sport, or art form (of which wrestling can be all 3), but patience is not only a virtue when looking for sporting goods, wrestling supplies included, but it can help your game, and protect your health and safety in the ring. In other words, don’t rush out shopping for cheap wrestling boots or be tempted by those ‘Offer Finishes Today’ on discount wrestling boots and supplies, because there are always bargains to be had in this game. Step back, get someone to go with you who really know what they’re talking about, and start off on the right foot. Happy grappling!

Is Amateur Wrestling Dangerous?

It’s the question on the lips of every parents when their child comes home and shoes an interest in this grappling art. The answer has to be yes, wrestling is dangerous because it’s possible to break just about every bone in the body if things go wrong. Having said this, when played by the rules under the supervision of a good trainers, and proper gear (especially good wrestling boots), then the risks of serious hurt or injury are much diminished.

To put this into perspective, every sport has the potential to be dangerous, particularly when the rules of the game are not adhered to. It’s just life that’s all. Heck, cooking is dangerous with an untrained cook in the kitchen!

The Average Life of a Decent Pair of Wrestling Shoes is…

If you’re a youth who is still growing every few months, then your wrestling boots will most likely last as long as any of your other footwear items, which is until you outgrow them. If you’ve stopped growing and practice your art regularly, then you should expect to get a good get 18 months to 2 years out of brand name wrestling boots.

What are Wrestling Mats Made of?

Most Wrestling mats are made from either polyethylene foam or that common material known as polyvinylchloride (PVC) foam. If it’s lightweight you want then polyethylene foam is by far the lighter of the two options mentioned. The down side is that these types of wrestling mats cannot be rolled up tightly making them more bulky to store than the heavier PVC ones. PVC is pricier too, and despite the additional cost they don’t last as long as the foam.

What is Wrestling Headgear?

Wrestling headgear is not quite what you might think it is. Typically, wrestling headgear is used to protect the ears, and not the head from injuries, hence it does not have a ‘helmet’ style to it, but more of a macho ear muff design.

What are Wrestling Singlets?

Quite simply, wrestling singlets are a one-piece, often colourful, type of sportswear used mainly in amateur wrestling. Your standard wrestling singlet is a skin tight item that is typically made from materials such as nylon, spandex, and lycra.

What’s with the Wrestling Tights?

Whatever you think about wrestling, no one can say it’s boring in its sport, or drab in it’s style. It can also become quite comical to see big burly men beating the crap out of each other wearing pink tights and pretty patterned singlets. So what’s with the tights anyway, and why do wresters wear them? The answer is simply that they are comfortable, protective, and decorative. Unlike boxers who go into the ring half naked, a wrestler will want to dress up somewhat in order to stand out and entertain his audience with dance and drama as well as grapple and brawl.

Finding the Right Youth Wresting Clubs for Little Jimmy

Youth Wresting Clubs: If little Jimmy comes home one night after school and announces he’s going to be the next big name in wrestling when he grows up, then you’ll probably want to get the young grappler into a good Youth Wrestling Club ASAP. All wrestling clubs do their best, but not all are equal just as not all schools are equal. You can search online of course, but the best approach is perhaps to speak with the school coach, or even a coach at another school if Jimmy’s school isn’t in tune with the sport.

Average Price of Youth Wrestling Shoes is…

Cheap to Expensive Wrestling Shoes. It’s probably fair to say that the cheapest price for a reasonable quality pair of wrestling boots in 2012 will start at around the $40 mark (£25) and the higher end range going for well over $100 a pair. The more you pay for wresting shoes toe more support and comfort you will get, and generally speaking, the higher priced footwear will be lighter too.

Youth Wrestling is Good for our Kids – A Reader’s Thoughts

Here are 2 Good Reasons why Parents shouldn’t worry about their Kids wanting to get into Youth Wrestling.

1. Children that take up competitive fighting sports are less aggressive and less likely to get into street level scuffles despite the fact that they could probably beat most in their peer group to a challenge if they needed to.

2. It’s a fact that professionally controlled one-to-one wrestling contests, or any other competitive, controlled scraps (for want of a better word), install confidence and self esteem into those who partake.

Summary: There really is a misconception about controlled fighting and when done professionally it instills great confidence into youngsters. And contrary to the belief that it encourages scrapping and unruliness, the opposite is in fact true. Very few lads that take up wresting, boxing, and other such sports actually develop into trouble makers and get into street brawls. On the contrary, they grow to respect who they are and feel little need to prove themselves outside of the ring.