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Can A Boat Shoe Be Considered A Work Shoe?

The simple and best answer is without a doubt, YES! The men’s boat shoe was actually created in 1935 with WORK in mind! Creator Paul Sperry made the boot so crewmen could more agilely navigate the deck of ships without slipping.

Now there are things to consider if you plan on wearing this boat shoe for work.

Sebago Men's Docksides Boat Shoe

Sebago Men’s Docksides Boat Shoe

Here are a few things to keep in mind:

Are you working in a food environment?

If you are working in a food environment you need to think about what your role in the establishment is, for example, if you are a host, just about any boat shoe or deck shoe will work, of course, if you are in a nicer establishment, you might want some of the bass boat shoes for men, very stylish, and always trendy with any attire!

Are you working in an office atmosphere?

If this is the case then just about any deck shoe or boat shoe will work, if you are working in a classy environment you’ll want to go with leather boat shoes for men, and there are a lot of choices, and the aforementioned bass boat shoes for men might be a real good option as well!

Are you a farmhand?

If you are working at a farm, well, in all honesty the deck shoe will not be your friend, however there are some Dockers boat shoes that are waterproof, and probably do well in the mud, but chances are they’ll slide right off, so you might look really trendy for a few minutes, but I’d stick to the trusty old work boots in this case!

Factory floor/Shipping & receiving shoes.

I would immediately advise against wearing a deck shoe in any instance where falling objects are a common occurrence, while the deck shoe is very versatile and comfortable, it doesn’t provide much protection for blue collar jobs. However there is no reason you can’t keep a trusty pair of timberland boat shoes for men in your locker for when you get off work!

Most white collar jobs will allow you to wear what you want as long as its fitting with the environment, most casual workplaces, and even semi-formal work places you can get away with wearing most leather boat shoes for men, and sometimes even the canvas deck shoes for men, however if you are in a strictly business environment, you should look for the bass boat shoes for men, this will be your best option!