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Choose The Right Womens Hiking Boots

Many people are looking at ways to get fit and walking is an ideal way to do so. It does not need expensive equipment and there is no need to train or practice. With so much beautiful countryside to look at it can be combined with a great day out. There is however one thing that is needed and that is a decent pair of shoes. No female should go hiking without a decent pair of women’s hiking boots.

Knowing The Type of Hiking You Plan To Do

Unlike when buying shoes for work or socializing, it is important to take into account what type of hiking you will be doing. This will cover areas such as what type of terrain will you be walking over, what time of the year will you be doing this and also how many hours at a time are you expecting to be wearing the boots. Getting a blister in work can be uncomfortable but getting one miles away from anywhere is much more serious.

The boots can protect your feet in a number of ways. If they fit properly, blisters should not be an issue. All good boots will be waterproof and should have a lining that will allow your feet to breathe. If your feet get too hot and you walk for hours then the skin will become damp and uncomfortable. When they are taken off, there will be a smell but the discomfort will be worse.

A further advantage that Womens Hiking Boots over ordinary walking shoes is the ankle support. It will be easy to twist your ankle standing on a stone or getting caught in weeds or a rut where mud has dried and trying to carry on will be very difficult. Some boots are heavy and would take some time to get used to, but more up to date ones have a look similar to training shoes.

Consider the Thickness of the Sole

All boots should have a thick sole so as walking over a stone is not painful. Most will have a covered toecap like many types of working boots. Rather than protection from items falling on them they could be more useful to prevent damage if kicking a rock or stubbing the toe on hard rough ground.Depending on the amount of time you will spend hiking, there should be a pair of boots that fit your price range.

Asolo Women's Atlantis GTX Boots

Asolo Women’s Atlantis GTX Boots

An item such as Asolo Women’s Atlantis GTX Boots will sell for over $200 but if you do not plan to do this on a regular basis and won’t be tackling the hardest roads it is possible to get a pair for somewhere in the region of $15 – $20. There are no real styles to these boots. They are the same design as men’s and a more a case of function over style. Protection is the most important thing and the glamour should be saved for after the hiking is finished. With a good pair of Womens Hiking Boots you will be able to walk in comfort and have confidence that there will be no wet feet or blisters.