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Contemporary Fashion of Wellies Boots

Fashion Wellies

Fashion wellies are for the fashion conscious among us that still require the functionality of Wellington boots. As such, fashion wellies do have a place in the modern market as many celebrities have been spotted in them when the need arises.

The colors and designs that fashion wellies come in are many. For those of you that need contemporary designs from a well known brand, try shopping with Hunter. Hunter designs some of the sleekest boots on the market today and they are synonymous with quality and durability.

Wellies Boots

Wellies Boots

The colors range from hot pink, green (popular), black, white and everything in between. For those of you that require something a little bit more special, you can try funky wellies.

These are the quirkiest of the bunch and usually come in very charming designs that are sure to light up anybody’s day. Most of the time, fashion wellies sold on the market are reasonably priced. For the best however, prepare to pay above a hundred pound easily for a great pair by a top designer.

Such examples will have minor details that differentiate it from the regular varieties commonly found today. For many people, paying a premium for great looking wellies is well worth the added cost not just because of its looks but also because these sorts of wellies generally last very long.

For those that prefer something a little on the wild side without enroaching on the territory of funky wellies, there are an assortment of very eye catching colors you can go with. Prices are reasonable if you aren’t too interested in splurging too much on a pair and you should be able to get a fashion welly of reasonable quality under twenty pounds in the UK today.

Funky Wellies

While wellies are common footwear, the needs of contemporary fashion has necessitated the rise of funky wellies. Funky wellies are fully functional wellington boots that offer customers quirky fashion styles. As such, funky wellies are actually quite popular nowadays.

Perfectly waterproofed to protect your feet from water, mud, dirt and anything else you don’t want on your feet, they are perfect for the rainy British weather that is so common here. Like all wellies, funky wellies have their roots to the first example known to modern history, which was a modified Hessian boot created by the Duke of Wellington (Hence the name).

They are used throughout various industries including farming and chemical industries. For those looking for a little more personality than regular black boots, funky wellies may just be the thing for you. Add some color to your work attire with interesting colors including pinks, yellows along with the many quirky patterns that they come with. There is a color for just about anybody’s tastes these days from hot pink to outrageous purple mixes. Besides the colors themselves, the patterns are what make them stand out.

You can get them in polka dot patterns and even stripes. Whatever you choose, it is sure to attract attention. They see a lot of use primarily in the farming industry for very obvious reasons. Before the invention of the Wellington boot, farmers used to work in wooden clogs.

With the efficiency that these boots brought to the world, they soon ditched clogs in favor of a completely waterproof boot. This is also true for all manner of jobs including miners as well as those that have to slog through mug all day long. For a functional boot that protects your foot from the elements but also brings some cheer with you wherever you go, you cannot go wrong with funky wellies.

Black Wellies

Black wellies are by far the most common color used in wellington boots in the world. Why black wellies have earned that distinction is beyond me. It seems like manufacturers just choose black wellies and just ran with it.

Well it worked. In various regions however, popular colors will differ. In the UK, the famous green welly made famous by Hunter is some of the more popular varieties. Other types include a host of colors that are used for style and fashion. As such, we have funky wellies in every color from pink to neon yellow for those looking for such colors. But for most of us, conservative black is the choice of the masses.

As such, you’ll be seeing them in various industries from farming to chemicals and beyond. Interestingly, those worn in North America always have red soles for some reason. Whatever it is, the color isn’t so bad even if it is somewhat common and drab. For shoes of you looking for something with a little more personality, browse our selection of funky wellies for a quick look.

Otherwise, black has long been a staple when it comes to fashion. They are versatile and an easy choice to go with if you don’t know what to go with at that point in time. However, if you are looking to stand out from the crowd then you’ll find that black welleis are one of the most choices you want to avoid. While perfectly suitable for this form of footwear, it doesn’t really lend much in terms of fashion appeal.

For those that like something darker, there are alternatives to black while still being easy to match with the wardrobe. This includes colors like dark green and brown that are fairly common. For colors that aren’t as earthy, you can venture to colors like navy blue or dark blood red. Either way, there is a definite advantage to getting darker hues mainly because they are much easier to match with the wardrobe.

White Wellies

White wellies are one of the more uncommon colors when it comes to Wellington boots. As such, white wellies are normally used for style and fashion instead of function.

White wellies get dirty very easily (And are very apparent when that happens) but aside form color, they are the same waterproof boots we have grown to love. Overall, white is one of the brightest colors to go with when dealing with footwear of any kind. While they may be a staple color when it comes to trainers, they have specific uses when it comes to any other styles. They draw attention to the legs and can be a bit overwhelming in the form of knee high wedge wellies.

So if you need a white pair to match your outfit, you should purchase a pair from Hunter, the worlds most famous brand of wellington boots. They produced high quality footwear and related accessories for the market including welly socks (fleece).

For those that don’t mind the natural way that white shoes tend to attract dirt, then this color is definitely for you. After all, the vast majority of wellies on the market come in one of two popular colors, black or green. While they may be perfectly suited to a range of occasions on a purely functional level, they don’t really offer much when you want something more fashionable in this day and age.

You may also want to consider other shades of white as they may offer a different dimension to the wardrobe and outfit. Such shades like cream and ivory are fairly easy to purchase and are definitely more interesting to look at than you traditional white wellies. The more reputable brands like Hunters are likely to cost a pretty penny but they usually produce high quality wellies for the UK market. Otherwise, you can get a reasonable pair for about twenty pounds in the UK today.

Childrens Wellies

Childrens wellies don’t exist simply for looks. Childrens wellies help protect our kids feet from any dirt and grime from the outside. Having said that, childrens wellies are pretty cute aren’t they? They help prevent sprained ankles and similar injuries. This is important because their feet really start developing around the age of three. But like all kids, you can expect them to be little balls of limitless energy.

They’ll be running and jumping all over with absolutely no care in the world. Kids have a knack for getting themselves dirty and I guess that’s just part of growing up. As such, whatever footwear you purchase for them will have to stand up to the rigors of their activities.

And that is easier said than done. Thankfully, there are many quality childrens wellies on the market that are sufficiently durable enough for the task. So what is the main problem when it comes to buying kids shoes and other forms of footwear? Size. They grow like lightning and the younger they are the faster changes occur.

For that reason, it is important that we talk about sizes before we proceed. A common practice when shopping for them is buying them oversized clothes and shoes. This saves us some money in the long run as they slowly grow into them. The problem with buying them oversized childrens wellies is simple. Young children are naturally a bit clumsy when they run and walk.

Forcing them into oversized shoes will make this even worse. So what you’ll end up with is a child that is prone to falling because of ill fitting shoes. So spare your child some grief and buy them properly sized wellies. Surely the need to protect them outweighs the need to save a few pounds in the long run. There is a very good range of childrens wellies on the market today to suit almost any budget.

Fleece Welly Socks

Fleece welly socks are some of the more popular forms of keeping your feet nice and warm when you’re in your wellies. When you talk about fleece welly socks there is one brand that always comes to mind, Hunter. Hunter fleece welly socks are some of the best in the market.

Hunter is also know for producing some of the best wellies in the Uk as well. As such, this brand is a favorite among farmers and those looking for a brand new pair for themselves. But Hunter wasn’t their original name, the North British Rubber Company was what they used to be called back in the mid 19th century.

They supplied copious amounts of wellies during the first world war as they were used by military personnel for the wet trenches of Europe. During this period, millions of wellies were churned out by factories for the war effort. But lets take a look the material used, fleece. Why fleece? Because fleece is an excellent insulator. Fleece is essentially the wool of a few different animals but are mostly sourced from sheep.

This material has been used for centuries by tribesmen the world over as a means of keeping them warm. As such, they are seen as the perfect material for welly socks. They are reasonably priced coming in at about ten pounds per pair which makes them somewhat affordable to most people.

For the best possible fit for your wellington boot, there is no better alternative than fleece welly socks in the UK today. They are comfort and great at keeping your feet wa