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Demanding Colors of Wedge Boots and Shoes

White Wedges

white wedges

white wedges

Sometimes white wedges may be considered boring, but that’s not true at all. White wedges are stunning if you know how to mix and match with your outfit. White wedges generally do well with wildly contrasting colors, a great pair of blue jeans for example.

The truth is, white is quite beautiful in its simplicity. It represents purity, virtue and cleanliness. When used in a feminine outfit, it is quite breathtaking. It can help with the lines of your silhouette when used as a gown or a dress and this is also true when speaking of white wedges.

As such, white wedges are another one of those must haves for the wardrobe much like nude shoes and blue wedges. In the past, wedge heels never looked as feminine and streamlined as they look today.

Not only that, advances in the basic design has helped create a wedge that not only looks better but one that is also durable and more comfortable. This makes them great everyday wear provided they are not extremely tall. Those exceeding four inches are so will result in sore feet no matter what. As a color, they can be used for casual events and formal events with equal ease. If you are going all white, make sure it is for a formal event as those color scheme doesn’t really lend itself for a night out with the girls.

Which is maybe why white is the color choice for the wedding gown. For casual event, contrast it with blue jeans or an off-color top. Take a look around before making the final choice in your purchase as there is just so much variety today both in terms of design and price. The internet has increased competition among online stores which is great news for customers because it lowers the price somewhat.

Wedge Espadrilles

Wedge Espadrilles are some of the more popular varieties of wedges on the market today. Wedge espadrilles are essentially espadrilles footwear that have wedges for the foundation. As such, wedge espadrilles are generally easier to walk in than high heeled versions. The wedge itself is normally made out of cork materials or rubber for added grip. With the popularity of espadrilles, it has gone from being a casual flat bottomed shoe to some interesting combinations.

wedge espadrilles

They are normally made from very specific materials with soles that are made from rubber. The sole itself is usually flexible while the rest of the shoe is traditionally produced from canvas. It should be noted that in French speaking areas within Canada, espadrilles refers to a different type of shoe than the rest of the world.

In those regions, it is actually a term used for trainers. Overall, it is a French term which is derived from the name of a type of Mediterranean grass. This grass sees much use in the rope making industry. Interestingly, these types of shoes were once considered fit only for peasants. How things have changed today however. They are worn by both women and men especially within the Basque country.

Over there, they are primarily used as summer footwear. Although there are many espadrilles types for both genders, the vast majority sold on the market are catered to the fairer sex. They are normally sold with flat soles but varieties like the wedge espadrilles or platform types are increasingly entering high fashion. This type of shoe is considered much harder to produce than sandals. Jute is the traditional material used during construction and this area is the most complex part of production. They are braided together to give it its unique looks.

Summer Wedges

Summer wedges are just the thing during the warmer weathers of late spring as well as summer. As the changing seasons bring allow us to ignore the effects of cold weather, its time to say goodbye to the thermal leggings and embrace open toe footwear like summer wedges. Most summers, wedges always seem to be popular and that’s what many paychecks end up buying.

summer wedges

For a night out with the girls or social events, summer wedges are just the thing. Essentially, they are versatile and easily match most of the contents of your wardrobe. They can be casual to sophisticated depending on your mood. One of the best bonuses that these shoes impart on to us is added height. Additionally, walking in these shoes are far easier than high heels which is always a welcome trait.

It has to do with the way the wedge itself serves as the heel as well as the sole. Unlike high heels, the entire wedge has contact with the surface which vastly improves balance. This also helps when you are going for wedges that are three inches or more in height. Essentially, the added strain that high heels put on the ball of your foot is drastically reduced, which eliminates most pains associated with that fact. When used for casual wear, they have the ability to add a sexy spin on the outfit without the need for traditional footwear that serves the same function.

It also helps with the appearance of thick ankles. Overall, it streamlines the foot, making it appear as if your ankles are thinner than they actually are. Summer dresses as well as skirts almost always go great with these shoes making them a must have for any woman’s wardrobe during the summer months. Sometimes it is difficult to discern between wedges that are casual and those that can be used for special occasions. Also, despite their advantages over high heels, summer wedges are still heeled footwear which can put a strain on the foot.

Silver Wedges

With the advantages that wedge shoes and boots offer those that are fashion inclined, silver wedges are just one of the many colors that they come in. Everyone has had situations where you had to attend a special occasion or an important dinner on short notice. Such a situation can be quite nerve wracking as you didn’t have anything planned in terms of your outfit and shoes.

silver wedges

For these situations, you need your go-to outfits. You don’t want to blend in with what everyone else is wearing but you don’t want to stick out too much either. You need just the right balance. For a timeless footwear that oozes style and finesse, silver wedges are a great choice. As a color, silver makes your feet appear light and ethereal while retaining that classic spin on things. Additionally, silver goes well with a wide variety of styles and outfits.

They help add that extra bit of shine in your step and come of as rather sophisticated looking. For a go-to pair of shoes, silver wedges are some of the most versatile choices. Materials are up to you as they range from leathers that can come with sequins and sometimes laces. These varieties are quite exotic and can really heightened the classy touch.

You’ll also have to decide if you want to go with the traditional rounded/square toe or peep-toe/open toe silver wedges. If you’re pedicure is rather lacking, forego all peep toe variants. Nothing wrong with closed wedges anyway. Because of the way they are designed, they are much more comfortable than traditional heels as well. For added comfort, go for variants that are no more than 2 inches in height.

Blue Wedges

While there are many types of colors used in women’s shoes today, some are used far less often than others. Blue wedges are one of them. Blue wedges are a classic color that can be considered somewhat vintage. Quite flexible, blue wedges can be used for a variety of occasion in including formal, casual and even a professional look at the work place.

blue wedges

But this color has a long history in the 20th century at least. It is part of the traditional sailors costume of the nineteen fifties that included three types of colors, royal blue, white and red. The type of contrast featured on these costumes influenced the way women mixed and utilized colors. For those looking for a touch of influence back from the fifties, royal blue shoes are a great choice. Used for contrast, using a great pair of blue wedges go great with a stunning red skirt and a white top.

Additionally, they look great on cream colored outfits or even a great pair of jeans. For other shades of blue like baby blue, these can be used with other blue outfits like a navy top and a white pair of trousers. Essentially, using blue isn’t hard. The hard part is in finding the pair of blue wedges that you fancy. Do you go for high heeled ones or those made from luxurious leather or suede?

So the key with blue is “vintage” and versatility. Try pinks and whites to match with them and usually you’ll have a winner on your hands. They are also used to brighten the outfit of your choice. While the staid browns, creams and blacks may be fine most of the time, its colors like blue that really make you stand out. So if want to get off the beaten path of choosing the same old stale colors, give blue wedges a try today.

Ankle Boot

If you want footwear that is both trendy, stylish and versatile, you may want to give ankle boots a chance. As implied , ankle boots are boots that only go as high as the ankle. Ankle boots are also suitable for just about any season or any occasion be it social or formal.

There are a wide range of styles available on the market. As such, you’ll be able to find everything from lace versions, to leather types all the way up to stylish vintage boots. The task is yours when it comes to choosing one that best suits your style.

ankle boot

They go well with anything from a great pair of jeans or a skirt. Lace versions are particularly chic and usually go well with street fashion styles. You may want to consider flat ankle boots if you’re wearing trousers or jeans.

For added spice, go for high heeled versions. Nothing brings out the feminine side better than high heels and this is true for just about any type of women’s shoe. Those made from exclusive and luxuriant materials such as leather will usually cost a lot more than generic types on the market. Great for formal wear, they are also used for professional settings such as for the workplace.

There are many styles on the market which include mesh ankle, rubber, belt buckle and ankle suede varieties. The type and height of the sole depends very much on your preference and the general use of the ankle boot. If you’re going to be doing a lot of walking, go for flat soles.

While most varieties are usually made from earthy colors, those that are bright can really turn heads. Take for example red ankle boots. Red, the color of virility and passion never fails to draw attention. This is true for just about anything from sports cars to formal dresses.