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EMU Australia Women’s Bronte Lo Boot

The EMU Australia Women’s Bronte Lo Boot is another hot selling mid calf boot offered over at Endless.com. In fact, at the time of this article being written, it’s the hottest mid calf boot at Endless.com. That’s pretty darn hot! Anyhow, if you didn’t already know, EMU Australia is a company that offers genuine sheepskin boots similar to those offered by UGG. UGGs did come before EMU Australia but don’t less this sway you from purchasing a pair of EMUs. EMU Australia offers plenty of unique styles of boots and generally speaking, EMU Australia boots are cheaper than UGGs. Not to mention that EMUs boots are quality products and are praised by many consumers. With that said, let’s take a look at a specific EMU Australia boot, the EMU Australia Women’s Bronte Lo Boot…

EMU Australia Bronte Lo Boot

EMU Australia Bronte Lo Boot

Let’s Have A Look At The EMU Australia Women’s Bronte Lo Boot…

Want to see what the EMU Australia Women’s Bronte Lo boot looks like? Look at the picture to see this particular boot in the flavor of chocolate. Mmmmmmmmm!

If you take a look at the picture to the left, you can see that there’s nothing really earth shattering when it comes to the design of this boot. It has what I like to call the “typical UGG look”. This is hardly a bad thing. If you’re reading this review of the Bronte Lo boot then you’re most likely interested in this kind of style. It’s most likely a style that you like and would like to have for yourself!

Furthermore, this is a quality made product. Ever since the boom of the UGG boots there have been TONS and TONS of cheap knock offs produced in hopes of cashing in on the success of the UGGs. You know what I’m talking about, the extremely cheap UGG look a likes offered at any given department store. Fear not, the EMUs are not cheap knock offs!

Here’s a little more “official info” about the EMU Australia Women’s Bronte Lo boot taken from Endless.com:

Featuring lining made from 100 percent Australian merino wool, the Bronte from EMU Australia is a year-round boot you’ll want to live in. Designed to keep feet cozy in the winter and cool in the summer, the Bronte boasts double-stitched construction, natural fibers for breathability and odor control, and a supportive dual-density EVA sole. A suede upper adds touchably soft style, while a rounded toe invites you to take it easy and bask in this boot’s superior comfort.

By now you’ve probably got a pretty good idea as far as what kind of boot this is. On the surface, the Bronte Lo Boot is a quality mid calf boot, stylish, comfortable, and can be pulled of year round. Now let’s find out if the EMU Australia Women’s Bronte Lo Boot is worth your cash…

Is This Boot Worth Your Money?

So, you know what the Lo boot looks like. You know what it has to offer. You know it comes from a great company as far as mid calf boots go. What’s next? What’s next is finding out whether or not this boot is approved by others who were once in your shoes and were deciding whether or not to purchase this particular boot.

Seems Like The Bronte Lo Boot Is A Damn Good Boot!

The thing is, several people’s take on a mid calf boot such as the EMU Australia Women’s Bronte Lo boot is a whole lot better than just one person’s review. Who the heck cares what I have to think when there are already 65 people who have given their own individual reviews of this boot! If you look at the picture above you’ll see that out of 65 unique reviews for the Lo boot, the average rating is 4/5 stars. I don’t know about you but that says a lot!

Let’s not get too excited to quickly though. Here are some individual customer reviews for you to briefly go over. Remember, the more you know the better your purchase is going to be (especially when you find out the boots you want to buy really are as awesome as you thought).

I ordered these boots yesterday in the late afternoon and received them today about noon! I have not worn them out of the house yet, but they feel fabulous wearing them around the house! After looking at the other reviews, I ordered an 8 instead of my normal 8 1/2 or 9. The length is perfect and they seem to be the normal width for a winter boot of this type. My heel slips a bit when I walk, but I have narrow heels and a high arch, so this is normal for me. I am not a fan of cold weather, but my feet will be much happier when I wear my Emu’s. Thanks Endless for the free and fast shipping! – Susan (Danville, KY)


Finding shoes and boots that fit and do not make my allergies worse has been a real problem for me. These boots are wonderful. The opening is large enough to let them pull on easily, but once on, they fit snugly enough to allow comfortable walking. The all merino wool lining is the best part. I am extremely allergic to an ingredient that is used in man made materials that cushion traditional insoles. The wool in these boots provides enough cushion to not need that ingredient, so I am delighted to be able to go out in the snow with some real boots on. – galdszoo@wi.net (Wisconsin, United States)


I was VERY happy with Endless.com and the ease of shopping their site, the NO SHIPPING fees, and the quickness of receiving my order, overnite! I will definitely buy from Endless.com again.
The boots are great! They run large, though. I usually wear a 9 1/2 and an 8 is a little roomy without socks,a little long. My feet stay warm.I wear them sockless. I treated them for water, but will treat them again because my toes got cold from the morning dew seeping in. I wear them all the time. I will probably buy another pair! They look great with jeans. I recommended them and the site to all my friends and workmates.
Thanks, Lori – Lori Swick (Rosedale, In United States)

Essentially, the EMU Australia Women’s Bronte Lo boot is a pair of boots that customers find…well…satisfying. After looking over the reviews offered at Endless.com and picking a couple to feature in this article, I found that A LOT of customers were overwhelmingly pleased with their purchase. It’s one of those products where all you find is praise which makes you want to buy the product even more so once the shopping juices start flowing!

With that said, it isn’t as if there are no negative reviews at all, there are. It’s just that they are few and far between. And the few I did come across were negative for (in my opinion) the wrong reasons.

On a side note: if you to decide to purchase these boots from Endless.com, be sure to pay attention to the reviews when it comes to choosing the right fit for your feet. Some very helpful info in those reviews!

Buy The EMU Australia Women’s Bronte Lo Boot From An Excellent Merchant!

If after reading this article and review of the Bronte Lo boot you’d like to buy this pair of boots for yourself, then click here to visit the official page on Endless.com. Endless.com is a great place to shop online for shoes and accessories which means you’re shopping experience will be smooth as butter (you’ll see reviewers on the Lo boot page even praising Endless.com for their excellent service). And if you aren’t ready to buy these mid calf boots or aren’t interested in buying them, that’s just fine! You can’t have ever single pair of great boots out there (as convenient as that would be…). Anyhow, I hope you have found this article/review helpful and I wish you good luck with your future boot shopping.