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EMU Australia Women’s Hip Boot

There are over 2,000 different types of mid calf boots offered at Endless.com (one of the best places to shop for shoes and accessories, much less mid calf boots) it’s quite overwhelming to choose just one to cover. There are so many dang choices, and to be honest, I very much doubt we’ll be able to cover them all here (now there’s a challenge!). So, what I did to make it a simple as pie to choose just one mid calf boot to cover was change the filter in the mid calf boot section of Endless.com to bestselling, and then choose the best selling one. This led me to the EMU Australia Women’s Boot (keep in mind that this is the best selling mid calf boot at the time this article was written…who knows where it’ll be whenever it is you’re reading this!)

Let’s Take A Quick Look

First of all, if you look to the left you’ll see a picture of the actual EMU Australia Hip Boot. This particular picture features the “Chestnut” version of the boot. At the time of writing this article, there are 4 different versions of this boot available on Endless.com; chestnut, black, sand, and chocolate. Nothing to unique here or out of the ordinary, but a nice contrast of colors all the same.

EMU Australia Women’s Hip Boot

EMU Australia Women’s Hip Boot

As far as the design of the EMU Australian Women’s Hip Boot goes, you’ll notice that it’s quite similar to the ever popular UGG boot. It’s not exactly the same as the standard UGG boot (although EMU does offer that look), but it still has that “UGG look” all the same. I’ve set the UGG boots as the precedent here because as far as I know the UGGs came before EMUs. I could be wrong as this is based off my own (potential limited) knowledge pertaining to this particular boot style and the explosion in popularity of this boot style. With that said, comparing the 2 brands or debating which is “the” brand is not the point of this article (although those wood be great topics to cover here at BuyMidCalfBoots.com), taking a look at the EMU Australia Women’s Hip Boot is.

As I was saying before I started rambling, this particular boot has a generally UGG look to it. However, the thing that separates this mid calf boot from the conventional UGG style boot is the tie strap. You could say that the tie strap featured on this boot is it’s “unique selling point”. Personally, I’m not sure where I stand when it comes to this look. I do like the tie strap, but at the same time I’ve never been a huge fan of the UGG look in general. The tie strap is definitely a nice look though.

By now you’ve probably gotten a pretty good idea as far as the style of this boot goes courtesy of my brief analysis. Below you’ll find a more technical approach as far as a description for the EMU Australian Women’s Boot (the description you’ll find upon visiting the Endless.com product page):

EMU Australia’s Hip boot features a suede upper in a tall-shafted design with a cool tie-strap embellishment. The boot is lined with high-quality, 100% Merino wool for plush coziness. A dual-density EVA sole and traction outsole finish the boot with comfort and durability.

Alright then, you are now a master of the EMU Australia Women’s Boot! I couldn’t tell you when you’ll need to describe this product in real life, but at least you can. With that said, let’s take a look at what the general consensus is concerning the quality of this product…

How Good Is The EMU Australia Women’s Boot?

Since this boot is extremely popular it has quite a few customer reviews. And you can never get enough customer reviews when it comes to determining whether or not you’d like to purchase a particular product! The EMU Australia Women’s Hip Boot has a total of 71 customer reviews (at the time of this writing) with an average rating of 4/5 stars. Not bad if you ask me!

If you look below you’ll find a few of the most recent customer reviews provided by Endless.com:

I got my boots today! I could not be more thrilled. They are all I expected and more.They are not only comfortable they look great on.I was going to go with the Uggs but the style did not thrill me. These are really unique.ILove to stand out from the crowd! Anyone thinking about these got for it! Not to mention the excellent srevice from Endless.com! -nannette (Buffalo, NY, US)


I usually wear 9.5 or 10 but I ordered size 9 and fit perfectly. If you are not sure about what size fits you the best, you can go ahead and purchase them and return them if they are not the right size. Endless.com is really good for exchange or return the items you purchased. If you have thicker lower legs, those boots are pretty good because the opening is very wide. They are very comfortable and stylish. If you do not pull the strings too hard, you will not be able to break them. Also, theres ppl said that the strings fall down while walking. I have no issue with it! I never adjusted my string while wearing them. I purchased this item on 12/17/09 and I wore them many times already. You can wear them with different outfits. I am going to buy another color!!! 😀 I love those boots. -Joanna (Virginia)


I wore these for the first time yesterday and I definitely like them alot better than my UGGS. I wear a 7.5 so I ordered a 7 and they are still a bit big and wide for my feet, but they are not at all bothersome. They are more comfy than my UGGS, for sure. Thanks for the free overnight delivery. I will order from Endless again! -csaunders (memphis)

These 3 particular reviews were all 5/5 stars. Now, I am not going to sit here and lie to you by saying that every single customer review is positive. This simply isn’t the case. However, the majority of customer reviews for the EMU Australia Women’s Hip Boot are extremely positive. From what I’ve seen, the customer reviews which tend to be on the more negative side are based off of a unique annoyance or have to do with an issue with the tie strap. Again, this product is for the most part loved by those who have purchased it.

One quick note before you go any further: there seems to be some discrepancy when it comes to the fitting of this particular mid calf boot. Skim through the product reviews before you decide on a particular size. It might not be that big of a deal but I thought I’d bring it up anyhow.

Buy A Pair Of EMU Australia Women’s Hip Boots

Interested in getting your own pair of the EMU Australia Hip Boot? Convinced that this is the boot for you after reading through this article (I hope you got something out of it by the way)? You may visit the official page on Endless.com for this mid calf boot where you can look further into the technical aspects, sizing, customer reviews, and most importantly, buy your own pair! In my opinion, this is a quality pair of boots that offers comfort without comprising style (after all, this style of boots is absolutely HOT these days) at a great price.