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Finding Fabulous Fur Boots

Fur is a very popular trend seen in boots today. From practical purposes to over-the-top runway looks, these type of boots make a statement that solidifies their function as the shoes to keep your toes toasty.

The look varies widely from boot to boot, and with all the creativity that the fur allows, you can be sure that you will find a look that suits your personal sense of style and help you look fabulous throughout the winter months.

fur boots

fur boots

Most Fur Boots Are Not Waterproof

When shopping for fur boots, consider their intended purpose. Will you be trekking through wet or humid environments? This is important as most of the fur boots are not waterproof. Those that are will say so on the label. Will you be wearing them for many hours everyday? You might want to stay away from a heeled boot. Or maybe you need the boots to keep you warm and comfortable during your eight-hour day of work. If so, think about the dress code and what kinds of clothes you usually wear, whether pants or skirts. Will you be wearing your boots underneath your pants or tucking your pants into the tops of your boots? Think about what style of fur boot will complement your clothes best then choose your boots accordingly.

How to Save Money On Your Footwear?

If you love the luxurious look of fur boots but struggle with their price, there are some things you can look for to help you to save money. First, watch the labels. As always, designer labels will be far more expensive. You can often find similar boots in lesser-known brands that are just as good in quality and almost identical in style.

Also, the amount of fur on the boot helps determine the price. More fur will make the boots more expensive, so choose boots without quite as much fur if you are trying to save. Finally, opt for faux fur. Although most cannot even tell the difference between real and fake fur, you will certainly notice the difference in price.

If you cannot find a fur boot that you like in retail stores, do not despair. Most stores do not tend to carry a large selection of these boots. Expanding your search online will provide you with a much wider variety of footwear from which to choose, and you will no doubt find a pair you like. Just be sure to figure out your shoe size before ordering one of these boots online. You can easily find fur boot sizing charts to help you with this task.