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Get High Quality Magnum Boots

Magnum boots are the highest quality boots you can buy.

If you work in the great outdoors, love to go hiking, or if your work is anything at all related to providing security protection or you are with the military or the police, then you are aware of the importance of having the right footwear like Magnum boots. This holds true also if you are a passionate weekend warrior who can’t wait to shoot it out in the battlefield using your favorite paintball or air soft rifle or maybe you simply love to hunt.

No matter what type of outdoor activity you do, for leisure, work or as a way of life then you are conscious of the fact that the success of your efforts sometimes come down to the type of footwear you have on. This is the exact reason why high performance footwear like Magnum is the footwear of choice.

Tested For Quality and Comfort

All Magnum boots are tested for quality, breathability, all day long comfort and are guaranteed to be oil, heat and slip resistant to ensure that the wearer has sure-footing at all times.

Magnum Men's Elite Spider 8.0 Boot

Magnum Men’s Elite Spider 8.0 Boot

One example is Magnum’s Elite Spider model. The model offers the wearer combined lightweight protection and high performance in a comfortable and durable boot. Its leather upper has nylon mesh inlays that guarantees flexibility and breathability while the heels and toes are reinforced to guard against abrasion.

Slip-resistant Vibram outsoles provide excellent grip in oily, uneven terrain or hazardous environments. The Elite Spider Recon is tough, comfortable, and waterproof featuring Dri-Tec’s waterproof/breathable membrane and moisture-wicking lining guaranteed to keep your feet cool and dry 24/7! This pair of durable, 8” high work boots weigh a mere 22 ounces each.

If an 8” high boot is not your style, then you can try Magnum’s Viper II 6” WP Boot. The Viper II features a combination leather and nylon upper while provides waterproof protection for the foot and ankle. The boot’s charged heel air-cell provides air cushion comfort and weighs only 20 ounces per boot.

Its compression-molded EVA midsoles are guaranteed to prevent foot fatigue even after continuous wear for 24 hours. The combination leather and moisture-wicking nylon material ensures that your Magnum boots will stand up to the most demanding work situation.

Can Be Wear for Both Indoor and Outdoor

All Magnum boots can be worn in a variety of settings – indoors or outdoors. They are versatile boots that provide excellent traction for different types of terrain, whether used for walking off-road, on the hard pavement, on the firing range or the air soft/paintball range on weekends.

Magnum footwear are designed with the wearer’s safety in mind, down to the design of the tucked-in shoelaces to keep them out of the way so they are not caught or snagged while walking or running.

One solid advantage you can count on when buying Magnum boots is the fact that they are actually tactical boots for police and military work. This means they are considered as all-terrain, long-term footwear that are puncture and abrasion resistant. They are specifically designed to protect the wearer from injuries and are light enough to prevent fatigue.

Each pair of Magnum boots or shoes is certified to exceed all industry standards for occupational footwear. Uppers and soles are not only abrasion resistant but also puncture resistant as well because of the embedded underfoot-steel plate.