Have You Get A Pair Of Studded Combat Boots?

Have You Get A Pair Of Studded Combat Boots?
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Studded combat boots rock this Fall!

Studs have been wildly popular for years. Fashion trends have a way of repeating themselves, but every time a certain style comes back into popularity somehow it always manages to feel new again. Studded combat boots hit what appeared to be their heyday in the late 1970s to the early 1980’s – the height of rock n’ roll and punk fashion, which was an intentional rebellion against the mainstream. Everything seemed to have spikes, studs, rivets, and safety pins at this time. However, studs went in to hiding for a little while as we came in to the 21st century, and these footwear are now considered a staple of coolest fashion this Fall.

Harley 14 Womens Military Lace up Studded Combat Boot Black

Harley 14 Womens Military Lace up Studded Combat Boot Black

Every Brand Has Added Studs

Studded combat boots have been seen on a bunch of different runways from Paris to New York and Milan with designers like Alexander Wang, Burberry, and Givenchy studding up their collections. It seems that almost every brand has added studs to their shoe designs and are made their great comeback into the autumn fashion.

Fall is the best season to play around with different patterns and different type of clothing. Why don’t you try them this Fall?

These footwear add a dangerous edge to any outfit. An awesome pair of this footwear is an essential part of every touch appearance. They are perfect choice for both sour and sweet girls, I can say for sure, from a man’s point of view. Puss is male, anyway.

How to make your own studded combat boots?

You can make your own by yourselves, dead serious!

If you have the time and ability, it is possible to make studded combat boots yourself by punching holes in your boots and adhering studs. Use pliers, hammer and small flathead nail for this task. My claws are useful in this case, and perhaps it is the only time in your life you wish to be a cat like Puss :cat30:

Be sure when you get started where you want each stud because once a hole is punched it will stay there forever. It is probably a good idea to draw out a sketch of what you would like your shoes to look like before you get started. Once you know what design you want to go with, mark with ink on the combat boot where you want the studs to go before you start punching holes. When you are sure that everything is exactly the way you want it, begin adding the studs and other decorations to make your perfect shoes.

However, anything you do you have to pay for it. I nearly lost all my claws for my perfect shoes. Hmm, I believe that getting a pair of the shoes online is much cheaper than making it myself.

I am browsing some boot sites and found lots of cheap combat boots with studs. How about you?

How to style with it?

Now you got a pair of studded boots? And you are puzzled on what to wear with them? None the less, you want to have a pair, but have no idea if they’ll match with your wardrobe? Puss is here to help!

High end to low end, these shoes are a great piece to have in your wardrobe and unusually go with a lot of pieces. Grungy muscle tees to feminine dresses, studded boots go with a billion outfits.

Studded combat boots can be dressed up and down whether you are wearing a pair of leggings or even a pair of jeans. The Fall is not so cold that you could even wear them with jean shorts. The shoes are perfect with skinny leather pants, flannels, and band-tees as well. However, I like girls mixing it up a bit with girly dresses and tights. I also love these boots with thick and oversized sweaters that hang off the shoulder, and opaque leggings with prints. I think it keeps the look very fun and unexpected, while still giving that “I’m cute, but don’t mess with me” vibe.

But before heading out to your next adventure be sure to have the proper equipment. These types of shoes are essential but accessories such as studded belts, chains, and bracelets really bring an outfit together. Studded combat boots worn with the right attitude bring this look to the next level making it truly stand out.

Will you rock this Fall with studded combat boots?

No matter your style, studded combat boots will add just the right amount of edge. You just have to be confident to wear them! Remember, fashion has NO RULES. As long as you have confidence in what you wear, who cares what anyone else says?