How To Wear Your Rain Boots

How To Wear Your Rain Boots
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A fabulous pair of rain boots will make a colorful splash on a gray, rainy day. Rubber boots are some of the most practical footwear one can own. Everyone ought to own a pair, no matter what the age. They come in every color and design, whether you want something no-nonsense and adult or something whimsical and bright. Within the last few years, these kinds of boots have become more and more prominent on the fashion scene. This footwear isn’t just about keeping your feet dry anymore; it’s about expressing yourself and having fun with fashion and style.

Kamik Women's Heidi Rain Boot

Kamik Women’s Heidi Rain Boot

Best Fits With Jeans

In order to best complement your rain boots, you must pair them with jeans in the right fit. Skinny jeans are the best kind of pants for wearing with boots. They fit closely to the leg and do not add any uncomfortable bulk to the inside of the boot. This is important since you will want to be comfortable whenever you trek through the rain during your day. If you do not like the snug fit of skinny jeans, opt for boot-cut. With these pants, you will need to tuck the excess material in around the leg for the best look. This will create some bulkiness, but not an excessive amount.

You can roll wider jeans around your ankles and tuck them into the tops of your socks. You can use a wide rubber band to secure the jean hem over your socks. If this is too uncomfortable, tie some old knee-high nylons over the hem and around the ankle. This prevents the jeans from riding up. A great alternative to the rubber band and nylon is jean straps. They follow the same principle and work wonderfully. Avoid wearing wide-leg, baggy jeans or those that flare out towards the bottom, as they will only create an unattractive bulge at the top of the boot.

Matching The Wash

If you want to be really fashion forward, consider matching the wash of the jeans to your boots. Pair medium to dark toned denims with brightly colored rain boots. Boots in solid or dark colors look good with lighter or bleached jeans. If the weather allows, this footwear also look great with denim shorts and a long sleeved top. The key is to keep the look casual.

Contrary to what you may think, it is perfectly acceptable to wear rain boots even when it is not raining. Wear them shopping or on errands and allow your colorful footwear to show off your legs. Whether the weather forecast is gloomy or bright, remember not to take yourself too seriously and have fun wearing your rain boots.