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Know About UGG Boots

You like UGG’s? Quite frankly, it doesn’t exactly matter considering it’s like the entire world loves UGG shoes and boots these days. It’s even realistic to say that the Australian shoe brand started an entire fashion trend. Do you not see women/girls sporting your standard UGG boots…everywhere? That’s not to say that there aren’t plenty of men and women who despise UGG boots and shoes…it’s just that you’re going to see some UGG’s on the daily whether or not you’re a fan.

What You Know About UGG?

Most people hear “UGG’s” and they think boots (or maybe nothing at all). I know that’s pretty much what I associated with the popular brand for quite a while. The image of the classic UGG boot style would pop into my mind. For the dummies out there like myself, it can be shocking to figure out UGG sells shoes of all kinds. Turns out they sell a lot of different shoes, all kinds of styles, and are consistently pushing out new shoes for women shoe lovers everywhere. Sounds a little like a shoe company…

UGG boots

UGG boots

UGG Australia is a shoe company and does release all kinds of men’s, women’s, and kid’s footwear, but they’re still best known for their boots nonetheless. As mentioned before, they literally created a trend with their trendy classic boot, and it’s the boots that most women keep on going back to. Women love to shop for shoes (not all of course, but I know I’m not the only one) and it’s the shoe lovers out there who back up UGG Australia’s knack for selling way more boots than other shoe styles they offer.

UGG Australia offers more boot styles than shoe styles for sure – they know the lay of the land and they give us women plenty of options for buying the boots we love. It still doesn’t take away the fact that boots are preferred among UGG fans when looking at pure (boring) numbers.

If you’re a fan of UGG Australia’s boots then it’s definitely worth checking out their other shoe styles. We all love the boots but they also have plenty of other hot styles. On that note let’s take a look at the freshest of the fresh when it comes to UGG shoes…

Stay Away From The Fake UGG Boots!

The topic of UGG boots, in particular fake UGG boots, is an issue that seems to be no less than ongoing. The fact of the matter is that UGG boots have been extremely popular for about a few years now (couldn’t tell you exactly how long, all I know is it seems like it’s been a while!) and continue to fly off the shells. There’s just no way around this. You see women/teenage girls wearing UGG boots no matter where you go these days. And with this popularity has come immense opportunity; two types of opportunity in particular.

The opportunity to grab the slice of the UGG pie and help connect interest consumers with their own pair of genuine UGG boots. And the opportunity to once again grab a slice of the UGG pie, but a piece of the UGG pie that’s a little less than legitimate; basically, selling fake UGG boots online. This is exactly why you see tons of shady websites out there offering cheap UGG boots, the best place to buy UGG boots, and so on. The kinds of websites pushing UGGs down your throat while keeping things plenty of shady are the exact ones you want to stay away from. The said thing about it all is that TONS of people are buying TONS of fake UGGs, otherwise we wouldn’t have this problem.

What this means that if you’re interested in purchasing a pair of UGG boots, you need to be VERY careful when it comes to the shopping process online.You need to be certain that the merchant you are buying UGG boots from is a legitimate merchant and an authorized reseller. If a site seems too good to be true (extremely cheap UGGs, etc.), lacking reputation, and shady looking…then it’s probably a site you don’t want to do business with.

Basically, just buy UGGs through trusted merchants. That’s all there is to it. Stick with the big boys of this industry; the merchants that clearly do regular business and do business the right way. If you’re looking for such a merchant for buying UGG boots then I highly recommend you go through Amazon.com. Amazon.com has been around for years and they do quality business, it’s known by…well…just about every one.

Why Do Girls Drag Their Feet When Wearing UGG Boots?

Have you ever wondered why a lot of girls drag their feet when wearing UGG boots? Maybe you haven’t but you’ve most likely at least seen girls dragging their feet in UGGs. I know I have. It’s an interesting occurrence. You see a lot of people who drag their feet in summer footwear such as sandals and flip flops but you don’t see many dragging their feet in normal footwear. Sure, there are always those people who are always dragging their feet for one reason or another, but feet dragging in general seems to be limited to certain kinds of footwear.

Finding the answer to this question is pretty darn entertaining as you’re bound to come across all types of answers. If you’re looking online, you’ll see that some say the soles of these boots are too rigid and therefor very difficult to walk in normally. Others will say it’s because most of the girls wearing them are really skinny and that the tops of the boots are too lose not to drag ones feet. Yet another potential answer that some will come up with is the fact that UGG boots are ridiculously comfortable and it feels good to slide your feet across the ground.

Whatever the real answer to this dilemma is, we may never know. All we can be sure of is the fact that there are many girls wearing UGGs out there who are dragging their feet. Perhaps they are all lazy or perhaps it’s a problem with UGG boots. Whatever the reason is, it’s kind of funny to think about.