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Know About Ankle Boots

Hey, are you looking for hottest shoes for your cool fashion trend? Then stand out in the crowd with a nice pair of ankle boots, which will drag a lot of attention. Ankle boots look fabulous and are today’s fashion footwear that will enrich your outfit. These boots are nothing but what the name states, i.e. boots that extend up to your ankle or just above. Ankle boots are ‘dernier cri’ that booms in most of the big cities. You only need to be open for new things and ankle boots can be really cute and sassy on you.

Pretty ankle booties are of two models – the short ones that hit right below your ankle and the long one right above your ankle. Ankle boots are biggest temptation for modern folks, which can give you a gorgeous look. Climb the ladder of fashion with ankle boots like the on top women Siena and Kate. So get the beauty with a pair of ankle boots to make other’s eyes slip on you.

ankle boots

ankle boots

Features and Advantages of Ankle Boots

  • Velcro adjustable straps in some of the ankle boots are designed for absolute snug fit. for absolute snug fit.
  • Dual density EVA mid-soles assist to attenuate shock in the metatarsal areas of the feet.
  • Ankle boots with elegant lithesome alligator challenges all weather conditions. In other words, it comforts your feet in extreme hot and cold climates.
  • These boots with distressed leather uppers give a comfy and icy cool feel.
  • Foam cushioned insole enables additional comfort to the feet.
  • Rubber sole exhibits absurd flexibility and offers friction control
  • Padded cushion foot bed exhibit good support and excellent shock absorbing capacity.
  • Ankle boots engineered with suede leather like neoprene, gore-tex etc., are weather resistant and water-resistant. These materials strictly restrict the access of water inside the boots further enhancing a comfy feel to the feet.
  • Featuring tapered squared toe provides ample space to the toes for free movement.
  • Rubber sole averts slippage of your feet and further enhances great flexibility.
  • These boots featuring side zipper assure easy on and off.

Categories of Ankle Boots

Combat Boots

Combat boots is one of the styles in ankle boots. These boots are mainly worn during conflicts. Soldiers generally wear combat boots, hence these are called as military boots. These boots are widely worn during combat training or combat. They are made to provide combination of grip ness, foot protection and ankle stability. These added features ensure perfect way to meet the rugged environment.

Oakley Men's LSA Terrain Military Boot

Oakley Men’s LSA Terrain Military Boot

These boots are made of hardened type of leather and sometimes with chemically treated leather. Both these leather should be waterproofed.

Combat boots are designed according to the availability to troops, since special type of boots are made to suit various circumstances.

Combat boots with lace-up style are made with variations. This can be used for special type of troops.

Tanker Boots

This is also a type of ankle boots. These boots are usually used for military purpose. This is mainly associated with soldiers. These boots are important for soldiers since it serves during their travel in tanks and tracked vehicles.

tanker boots

Tanker boots are made with leather straps. These straps are usually fastened to the boots. It is buckled near the top. It can be also wrapped around the tanker boot. Wearer’s of these tanker boot gets more benefits. They are as follows

The main advantage of tanker boot is that the wearer can feel the superior comfort.

Modern tankers are exposed to harmful chemicals such as hydraulic fluid, grease, oils and variety of fuels. Hence tanker boots are made with full leather in construction to safeguard the wearers.

Jump Boots

This category of ankle boots are also called paratrooper boots, is a type of combat boots. Soldiers wear these boots for comfort.

jump boots

These boots are fully laced from instep of boots to the top of the boots. These boots give immense support to your ankle like a combat boot, which is ordinary in style.

Modern jump boots are worn as dress boots and parade boots.

Most of the jump boots are made of smooth leather with toecaps and heel. This requires high-polish. It also has side zips for easy removal.

Jungle Boots

Jungle boots are the type of combat boots. Especially these boots are designed for jungle, environment that has humid condition, or other climatic conditions. These boots go well with almost all climatic conditions.

Jungle Boots

The feature of jungle boot is that they have two vent holes on the leather located on inner side of the boot.
They used mixture of nylon/cotton and leather for the boots.

Toe, heel, eyelets were made of leather and cotton or nylon was used for the neck portion of the boot.

Bell Boots

Bell Boots

This comes under the type of ankle boots. These boots are worn occasionally. While riding the horse, when full boots are not suitable for the protection of heel. Open types of bell boots are easy to wear but closed bell boots are secure in style.

Hiking Boots

Hiking is termed as walking through miles for enjoying scenery. These boots are generally made for sport hiking. When you plan to walk over rugged, uneven ground, you need a boot that is comfortable.

Asolo Men's Fugitive Gtx Hiking Boots

Hiking boots are comfortable and also with high stability to overcome the difficulties in rough ground.
These boots are suitable for a person who walks for a mile.

Hiking boots give remarkable performance in watery, muddy and rocky surfaces. These types of boots offer good support to the ankle.

Chelsea Boots

The feature of this boot is tight fitting in style and also made with heeled and angle-high model.
In 1960, these boots were popular and fashionable.

Chelsea Boots

Chelsea boots gained popularity by a popular pop troop named “Beatles”. Chelsea boots is usually elastic in nature. Hence it is easy to wear.