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Learn The Types of Lightweight Work Boots and Safety Shoes

The time you shop for lightweight work boots, you will find there are a lot of online stores offering a premium selection of safety shoes and work boots for you to choose. Among the top brands are including of: Dr. Martens, Carhartt, Wolverine, Bates, Carolina, Skechers, Danner, Timberland Pro.

Why Buy Safety and Lightweight Work Boots?

They are required in the workplace by OSHA Occupational Safety and Health Administration for industrial environments. Lightweight safety shoes are very comfortable and will protect your feet from bumps, crushing forces, and impact from heavy dropped objects.

Shoe features such as “all leather”, insulation, water resistant, cushioned inserts, and EVA soles will cost more. However, your demand for safety footwear design include quality materials, extra stitching, and greater protection from hazard will be met.

Note: new lightweight work boots or safety shoes require “breaking in”. The work shoes will stretch and conform to your feet as you wear them daily. There are even shoe inserts that activate and keep your feet warm for outside or working in cold temperatures.

Maintenance: shoes are easier to maintain when you keep them clean using warm soap and water. Apply matching color dye, polish, and water repellent spray as needed. Scothcguard is a brand name product that will protect the fabric portion. To bring out the shine you use a buff pad. This will take several strokes of buffing.

May we suggest: keep two pairs of lightweight work boots for work. Alternate using them so, they can air out overnight. This will allow any damp perspiration to dry out.

[table caption=”Types of Shoes and Boots” width=”700″ colwidth=”125|125|450″ colalign=”center|center|left”]
Sneakers,Sneakers, Very comfortable; Low profile; Designed for athletic sports
Athletic,Athletic,Very comfortable; Slip resistant outer soles
Casual Shoes,Casual Shoes,Very comfortable; Offers limited protection and looks good; Stylish
Boots,Boots,Offers more protection to toes; Slip resistant outer soles
Designer,Designer,Looks expensive usually has no hazard protection features
Industrial,Industrial,Very rugged; Slip resistant outer soles; Provides max protection
Outdoor,Outdoor,Usually insulated; Keeps feet warm and dry; Water proof or resistant
Cold Weather,Cold Weather,Usually insulated; Keeps feet warm and dry; Can be water proof or resistant
Hunting,Hunting,Usually insulated; Keeps feet warm and dry; Can be water proof or resistant
Sporting,Sporting,Very comfortable; Designed for sports and athletics only
European Styles,European Styles,Very comfortable; Sometimes offers foot protection; Depends on user design; Very nice styling


Lightweight Waterproof Work Boots

A lot of people out there are convinced that you will need to give up the deal of comfort if you want to have waterproof work boots. Well, it may be true few years back but this believe is not holding up anymore. As time passed, the technology is keep evolving and the R&D of the work boot also has received a great advancement.

Carolina Mens Lightweight Work Boots - Dark Brown

Carolina Mens Lightweight Waterproof Boot-Dark Brown

If you want to get a remarkable waterproof work boots, you should choose those that made from rubber instead of leather. This is due to rubber is the foremost material that is being used to stop water to dry your feet and provide you with strong water-resistant power around your feet.You can try to get a rubber boot and submerge your entire feet into the water and you will still getting dry feet.

European style work shoes usually offers a wider boxed or rounded toe end with added toe protection. These styles are unique and are very comfortable because the toes are not squished together like in narrower toe width shoes. Lower grade shoes will use thinner, cheaper materials that won’t last as long.

There are various shoe ratings to include different materials to protect the toes.

Materials description/ANSI ratings:

Steel – protective toe caps made of steel can get cold when working outside, thus make your toes cold.

Composite toe – are typically constructed using hard plastics to protect the toes.

EH have safety toe / Electrical Hazard rating designed for electrical and maintenance personnel performing electrical duties, such as maintenance and lock out/tag out.

To assist you to better about different boots and help you to choose the one that best suit you, we will write more on the reviews of various boots that available on the market which include safety boots, hiking  boots, work shoes for men, women’s work boots and many more.

You may visit our site more often as we will keep on updating the site for new review and new info from time to time.

Brief Review of Some Lightweight Work Boots For You

If you are looking for some boots that is not too heavy for you to wear, you may take a look of some of the boots that we introduce here which can be the right choice for you.

Wolverine Ripsaw Lightweight Waterproof Boots

Wolverine Ripsaw Lightweight Waterproof 6 inch Boots

Wolverine tend to embrace the ever improving technology in design all their boots to be durable, breathable, touch and comfortable. Wolverine Ripsaw Lightweight Work Boot is exactly the one that we described. It is the kind of boot that you would expect from Wolverine with the flexible comfort you enjoy compare to sneakers.

This make you never stop wearing boots like the Ripsaw work boot that come with a lightweight rubber outsole that is slip, oil and abrasion resistant. You can find a well design reflex at a critical points for serious performance.

When you are on the field and work your way all day long, Wolverines multi-shot comfort system will make your feet relaxing. The boot features with individual compression pads that can absorb shock very well and return energy for you hour after hour. Therefore, if you never try any Wolverine boot before, you may get this olverine Ripsaw Lightweight Waterproof Boot and put on your feet. It is a tough, rugged and extremely flexible boot that available in 6″, 8″, and 10″.

Danner Light II Boot for Men

Danner Light II Boot

If you are a fan of Danner, you may just pick up a new pair of work boot from Danner and Danner is one of the leading boot companies in the market. This Danner Light II Boot is having a vicious style with the leather all over upper. It comes with a Vibram sole and Gore-Tex lining.

What we like about this boot is they don’t conduct heat or cold to your feet. The other thing is its very light and is actually complying with the ASTM standard for work.

It is features with Vibram hole which is a lug style sole which provide great protection from slip and oil. The boot is used in law enforcement and military, many people also buy them as their hiking boots or work boots.

This Danner work boot comes with or without a non-metallic toe and inside is having a pad that make you feel very comfortable. Besides, the boot also features with Gore-Tex which is a breathable waterproof material that allows perspiration to leave, so that your feet will always keep dry and comfortable.

The Thorogood American Heritage 6″ Moc Toe boot

Thorogood American Heritage 6

Are you looking for American-made work boots? Well here we have you covered. Let’s take a look of this Thorogood American Heritage Boot. They are design to give your feet a highly comfort and support. The tobacco oil tan leather uppers on the boots provide durable coverage.

It is stitched to the single density polyurethane that is using goodyear storm well construction which allow the sole to be easily replaced in the future. The lug sole provide you with slip-resistant and allow you to stay on your fee more often.

The American-made footwear comes with electrical hazard protection to help you stay safe around dangerous open circuit. There are rubber midsole for lightweight support. Dual density footbed can be removed if needed and they are makes on 814-4200 comfort cushion for the ultimate shock absorption.

The soft cotton drill vamp lining make your feet are breathable as well. In addition to these Thorogood American Heritage Moc Toe boot, you can discover all kinds of American-made boots from the company that are serious about their products.

Caterpillar Men’s Diagnostic Waterproof Steel-Toe Work Boot

Caterpillar Diagnostic Steel-Toe Work Boot

This is a great insulated waterproof boot and it is great especially if you are working outdoors. It comes with a steel toe or soft toe. This boot offer technical safety features and steel toe construction with classic work boots style.

From the job site to splitting with it hole. This boot is designed to protect and serve your feet. It is ASTM steel toe in electrical hazard protection certified for industrial work use.

Caterpillar lug rubber outsole offer altering traction and the material that produced the boot is super durable and climate feel insole is engineer for comfort.

The nylon mesh liner promotes breathability to maintain dry and comfortable feet regardless of the weather. You can head to work in the comfort of the Caterpillar Diagnostic Steel Toe work boot. Thus, it is great for you to get the safety certification you need in the boot style you want. Your feet will be glad you did the right choice of protection.

Ariat Workhog Steel Toe boots


Most of Ariat’s boots have a shank that is as big as your little finger and they are made of steel. That’s what supports your weight all day well.

What’s good about lightweight work boots is the selection of few good shanks that can holding your weight up all day long especially with a regular size shank. That is actually all that made into the Ariat Workhog Steel Toe Boots.

Let’s start from the bottom up. Everybody starts off with the sole which is flexible and durable and is made of great quality rubber. And we need to know that the shank system or the midsole is the sole between the sole and the insole and it follow every of your move.

Most guys walking with the boots the outside of their heel wearers down or the inside of the mesh lining. There is stabilizer that being placed in those two high wear areas which is the outside of the sole and also the inside of the four part of the lightweight work boots.

It won’t change the way people walk but it change the way the boot wears and it also gives you more stability at the same time. You got the wide carbon fiber shank that goes on the entire boot and stabilizer on the high wear areas.

Ariat come out such design with the aim of giving people the lightweight work boots that they want something different not only in technology but also in the outlook of the boots.