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Leather Boots and The Petite Girl

Short girls should probably avoid the thigh high leather boot.


Because, and this may sound harsh, many times short girls in thigh high boots look like little girls playing in mommy’s closet.

So what boot can the petite woman pull off and look terrific while doing it?

Well, let’s first start at the beginning.

Before boots can enhance any woman’s look, they must first fit the woman.

Timberland Women's Savin Hill Tall Boot

Timberland Women’s Savin Hill Tall Boot

Things like saggy ankles and loose calves can make a short slim leg seem somewhat shorter as well as bulky and baggy. This could actually lead to visual weight gain – meaning, they can make her look fat! Therefore, if a petite woman has thin ankles and calves, she should purchase boots that have a molded form and some stretch to them so that they’re form fitting on the leg.

If the opposite is true and a short woman has a thicker bottom leg area, then she should opt for a stretchy but non-molded boot. There may still be a need to wear them for a little while before heading outdoors so that they can be stretched in the areas that are feeling a bit too snug.

Short girls also shouldn’t wear their boots on the outside of their jeans. Many do and while it doesn’t look horrible, the unfortunate outcome is a short girl who looks even shorter, in a great pair of boots.

Now that short girls know what they shouldn’t do, here are a few tips on what they should do:

Wear your boots anywhere from the ankle to just under the knee and if you have beautiful knees and tan legs, then leave off the hose and pair them with a skirt that lands just about an inch to a few inches above the knee.

If the short girl wants to wear a mini with her boots, she should! Just be sure to wear it with a pair of hose or leggings; preferably in a shade that blends in with the boot – this will visually lengthen the leg a bit.

Leather boots are available in options such as zip, pull-up and combination buckle-up or zipper stretch styles. They also come in so many colors BUT – be careful with colorful boots. If you’re one of those supermodel types that can pull anything off, then by all means, go for it.

If you’re not, then look for the basics in color and if you want to be a bit daring, why not go for red or burgundy or deep blue or gray? They’re fun colors without being too funky.

Let’s face it, short girls don’t need the entire focus to be on their feet. Bring the eye up by choosing bold accessories on top rather than pink and black striped leather boots.

For more ideas and for the opportunity to find great specials and discounts on ladies leather boots and boots for petite or short women, search the internet or check your local retailers.