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Rampage Women’s Farah Boot

Rampage Women’s Farah Boot

Rampage Women’s Farah Boot

Something I’ve noticed when it comes to covering different pairs of mid calf boots and reviewing different mid calf boots, is that a large majority of these types of boots (the ones that seem to be fairly popular anyway) have something in common; they all tend to have a sort of “UGG look” to them. No, not every boot out there looks like a standard UGG boot, but there are many boots out there which seem to play off of the particular style. With that said, today we’ll be taking a look at a mid calf boots, a relatively popular boot, that breaks away from the norm (the norm being the kind of mid calf boots every women seems to be buying). The suspect boot is the Rampage Women’s Farah boot and it’s got a very distinct look to it…

Taking A Look At The Rampage Women’s Farah Boot

The Rampage Women’s Farah boot (see a picture of this boot to the left) seems to sit in the area of “acceptable”. What I mean by this is that it’s a pair of mid calf boots that selling fairly well but it’s also not an extraordinary boot in any respect. Well actually, if you consider a low price something to gawk over (and it is a surprisingly cheap pair of boots) then that could be the exception. Anyhow, the Women’s Farah boot is a boot that offers a very streamlined, sleek, and stylish look. I don’t think there’s any denying that this boot certainly looks relatively well for what it’s trying to accomplish.

Here’s a more official description for the Rampage Women’s Farah boot:

The high-performance Farah boot from Rampage is a sleek and modern mid-shaft boot with vintage flair. A smooth upper with a slight sheen gets its contemporary look from tonal stitching and a moderate heel, while the Farah’s low profile design and squared toe give it real retro appeal. A convenient side zip allows for easy on/off, while a latex sole keeps you steady on your feet.

Obviously, a description for a product is going to make the product sound a whole lot more appealing than it actually is. However, at the same time, there’s some truth to this more official description. I’d say it encompasses the look pretty darn well. Who cares about official descriptions, though, let’s dig deeper and see if it really shines. All that matters when it comes to determining whether or not to buy a particular pair of mid calf boots is if other women have found the boot to be satisfactory; real reviews from real people.

The Rampage Women’s Farah Boot Review

As I mentioned before, there’s nothing really spectacular about this pair of boots when it comes to popularity and feedback. Yes, it’s a boot that’s selling. But, it isn’t a boot that’s selling like hot cakes. As a result of this, there aren’t a whole lot of customer reviews to work with.

The good news is that on Amazon.com, this pair of mid calf boots has an overall rating of 4 out of 5 stars. The bad news is that there are only currently 8 different customer reviews for this product. Here are a few individual reviews so that you can get a feel for yourself:

My biggest complaint about high-heeled boots is that they are usually wobbly and difficult to walk in. These have a sturdy heel and they’re comfortable and easy to walk in. They’re also great-looking! I’m getting a back-up pair because I like them so much. They go well with skirts and also pants, and the price is unbeatable. Order a half-size down, though. They run big.


I bought these boots for the winter to wear to work. They are comfortable, look great and were an awesome price. Would recomend them!


I got these for the style – they are cheap especially for boots and that is definetly reflected in the actual item. I got one of each color and i have a very hard time telling the black apart from the dk brown, they are almost the same color. other than that, they are comfy and seem to be holding up pretty well even for being cheaply made.

There you have it, a few real customer reviews for the Rampage Women’s Farah boot. Here’s the vibe I got when investing different customer reactions for this pair of mid calf boots – it seems as though it’s a relatively good looking boot and comfortable, but it also has a cheap feel to it. I recommend you read even further into the reviews (even if there are only 8) in order to get a better picture for yourself, but this is just how this particular pair came off to me. It’s essentially what I felt after first taking a look at these boots, good but nothing great.