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Straight Knees In Heels

You may notice it is particularly hard and maybe painful to straighten the knee when first wearing high heel ballet boots. This is a common predicament and thankfully there is a fairly simple solution. The problem is not as you would first imagine with the knee, it is in fact all down to the suppleness of the ankle.

black ballet heels

Pleaser Women’s Ballet-1025 Ankle Boot

The lack of ability to straighten ones legs at the knee when wearing high heeled ballet boots is almost always related to how supple the wears ankles are. The solution will involve working out a good exercise program to improve your ankles capacity to deal with the extreme position walking in ballet heels demands.

This may not always work as other factor such as gender, age and weight will ultimately also effect how well one can stand and walk in ballet boots.

Second Hand Ballet Heels

These stunning red pvc knee high ballet boots are a great example of ballet heels you can buy second hand. We found these selling on the UK ebay in a size 8. After receiving 13 bids they eventually sold for just £67.00. Now if you don’t mind buying second hand boots then this has to be a real bargain.



The description read:

This auction is for a stunning pair of red pvc knee high fetish look ballet boots in size 8, these boots are listed as used as they have been worn a couple of times indoors and the only sign of use are a couple of slight marks on the lower part of boots, the heels and soles are in perfect condition as shown in the pictures so would look as good as new if worn out if you dare. This wicked pair of boots are in red pvc with a full length zip on the inside leg and also have a full length lace up front so you can wear them as tight as you like, these sexy boots have a massive stiletto heel measuring 7.5″ top to bottom of heel, and measurement from top of heel to top of boot is 15″.measurement round Ankle is 11-13″and calf is 14-17″.

It just goes to show that if you shop around you can save yourself a fortune of high street retail prices.