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Top 5 Ways to Break in a New Work Boot

The right work boots can keep your feet protected and reduce your risk of injuries, including common problems like blisters and chafing. The right work boots should feel comfortable and firm even after hours of wear. However, even the right work boots can pinch and rub your feet the wrong way when you first wear them. You need to break them in before they start feeling good on your feet.

break in work boot

Here are a few things you can do to break in your work boots and ensure that the boots are as comfortable as they promise to be:

Wear Your Boots Around The House

The easiest way to break in new work boots is to wear them. However, you don’t want to wear them on the job where you can seriously injure your feet after several hours of discomfort. Instead, you should wear them at home for short periods of time, allowing the leather to slowly stretch and adapt to your feet.

Rub Alcohol on the Pressure Points

When breaking in your boots through short periods of wear, you can use alcohol to speed the process. Wait until your feet start to hurt, then apply rubbing alcohol to the points where the boots are pressing on those areas where you feel discomfort. The alcohol should cause the leather to expand, and as it dries on your feet, it will comfort to the shape of your feet.

Apply Mink Oil

Mink oil helps to soften leather, which makes it more pliable on your feet. Apply mink oil to your boots then wear them as usual. The boots will adapt to your feet, but you won’t feel discomfort in the process.

Apply Leather Conditioner

Leather conditioner works the same way as mink oil to soften the leather. Rub leather conditioner over your whole boot and wear it as usual. The leather will soften enough so that your feet are comfortable, and it will stretch easily while you break in the boots.

Use a Shoehorn

One of the fastest ways to break in your boots is to use a shoehorn. The wooden form expands to stretch the leather. Put the shoehorn in the boot and leave it for a few hours while the leather is stretched.