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What to Wear with Your Ballet Heels

Ballet heels are dangerously exciting. They have the power to enhance beauty and inflict pain. The ultimate in fetish wear, these heels and boots are commonly made in kinky black patent or black leather.

ballet heels

Pleaser Women’s Ballet-1020 Ankle Boot

They complement the wearer by lifting up the derriere and providing the appearance of a toned and sleek physique. If you are considering buying ballet heels or ballet boots you may be wondering what clothing will look best with them.

Some wearers prefer to show some skin next to their ballet heels, in contrast to their risky dark lines. Others prefer to cover up and reveal themselves later. Still others enjoy a skin-tight silhouette to accent their heels.

A PVC catsuit is always a good bet for pairing with ballet heels. Tight as a glove and reflective of light, they’ll outline every curve of your figure. For a classic look, go for a high gloss black PVC catsuit with long sleeves and a plunging neckline. Many have two way zips from the neck front to the bottom of the back.

You can also try a sleeveless catsuit with front zip for enhancing cleavage.

For an exciting departure from the norm, accent your ballet heels with a shocking red or girly pink PVC catsuit.

To play up the ballet side of your heels, consider showing them off with a flirty ruffle petticoat. Designed to show off mile-high legs, these short skirts resemble a ballet tutu and can be worn alone or with your choice of sexy fishnet stockings. Try thigh-high Hold Up stockings or add a suspender belt.

Or, slip on a full-body stocking for the ultimate in naughty ballet heel style. Body stockings can be made of almost any pattern of mesh, ranging from fishnet to dainty lace. They come in long-sleeved styles, halter neck styles, lace-up styles and more. You can wear one alone or beneath other garments for a special surprise.

If you’re looking for an extremely sexy but fun look, wearing clubwear with these heels could be just the answer. From classic black to super-sexy white, clubwear will allow you to live out your fantasies in body-hugging dresses and up-to-there skirts. Try a plunging halter neckline, or foil lace- up dress with lacing down the arms and all the way up the front.

These heels and boots are also a natural match for a variety of sexy costumes. Whether you fancy being a naughty school girl, a bad police officer or even a Japanese doll with silky satin kimono dress and parasol, your ballet heels will make the outfit. Be sure to accessorize with a fabulous wig and false eyelashes as you take on your new persona.

Enjoy your ballet heels to the maximum by wearing them with clothing that makes you feel as sexy and dangerous as you please. Those seven inch heels deserve to be worn in style, and once you know what to wear with them you’ll be ready for an exciting interlude.