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Womens Boots and Winter Boots

Few items of footwear make quite the same statement that boots do. Boots. Some people are intimidated by boots. These are the same people that are intimidated by sunglasses. Why? Because sunglasses and boots are obvious marks of someone who is “cool.”

Of course, these days, with how many different styles of boots there are out there, anybody can be “cool.” Anybody can find the right style of boots that suits herself perfectly. There are action-specific boots like motorcycle boots, riding boots, hiking boots, ski boots, combat boots (including jump boots, tanker boots, jungle boots, jackboots, and hobnail boots), football boots, gumboots, and hip boots. Some of these boots can be worn solely for style, too.

brown boots

brown boots

Other boots include: Ugg boots, tabi boots (split-toed boots), steel-toe boots, thigh-high boots, Hessian boots, go-go boots, Australian boots, Chelsea boots, ankle boots, snow boots, and chukka boots. All the many types of boots that exist just go to show how popular boots really are, in many societies, for both males and females.

Fashion boots for women are generally more fun than useful (like, say, snow boots). Women’s boots may have a zipper closure, laces, or a buckle. Most often, women’s boots (and most boots, in fact) have a heel that is independent from the sole, even when made from the same material. In women’s boots, the heel is often a high heel, but the heels range from platform to spike.

Boots for women are ideal for those cooler fall days when she still wants to wear a skirt but does not want to be cold. Boots look great with short or long skirts, over or under long pants, and with short pants, as well.

Women’s boots have become a bit of a sex symbol, too. Thigh high boots are often seen as extremely sexy. There are quite a few people out there who have women’s boot fetishes.

But as mentioned before, boots are not simply for style. There are many boots that serve a certain function. Hiking boots, for instance, protect a hiker’s ankles when she is going over rugged terrain with a pack on. Snow boots keep a person’s feet nice and warm while in the snow. Steel-toe boots protect the wearer’s toes in case they are dealing with heavy objects that might drop.

Regardless of your reasons for wearing boots, boots are an excellent sort of footwear for your feet. There are multiple types of boots to accommodate many sorts of styles and needs.

Women’s Boots

The easiest way to check out all the new styles of women’s leather dress boots is to do it on the internet but only if you know where to look. Otherwise it’s confusing.


There are a vast number of women’s leather dress boots on the market. There are many small online boot and shoe dealers that carry partial model lines of the boots. However, you’ll get a better idea of what’s available by checking with the bigger dealers because they tend to carry more models or more complete boot product lines. Often they carry models and styles that the boot manufacturers themselves don’t even mention on their own websites. These can be exclusive styles to those specific dealers or discontinued models. Larger dealers offer free shipping and discounts due to such promotions as women’s winter boot clearance sales or women’s rain boot clearances. The reason the big dealers can discount is because they buy and sell in larger volumes, which enables them to get manufacturer discounts and then turn the savings over to you. It’s a win-win situation. They sell more boots in order to get more new styles in and you get the women’s fashion boots you want at reasonable prices.

Not only can you easily find certain styles of women’s leather boots within specific brands but another cool thing about hunting for boots online is if you have particular sizing and fitting issues, these can be located with ease. If you need a women’s large casual dress boot or a women’s wide casual dress boot, you can locate which models and boot brands cater to those needs. Larger online dealers have detailed sizing menus that will help you identify the brands that sell extra wide, narrow or large women’s boots.